Monday 25 May 2015

Iris Scanners Can Now Identify Us from 40 Feet Away

Nowadays, the government of every country believes that all the traffic cops should be provided with some high tech systems such as cameras or any other technology because these can help them to make out the potential risks from a secure distance. Thus, the latest designs of iris scanners may give a great help to the cops.

Iris scanner has been a portion of bio metrics. It is because just as finger prints, all people have unique iris. But, the iris scanners, which are utilized in the present days, would need the individual to give their permission for the analysis. Besides, the individual would need to come near the system to scan their iris. It is quite dangerous if the official needs to scrutinize the iris of any possible risky item. This is the main problem of the common iris scanners.

However, the researchers of Carnegie Mellon University have tried to develop an Iris scanner system with long range. This will be able to make out people who are present at a distance of nearly forty feet.
An engineering professor of Carnegie Mellon, Marois Savvides has found out a solution, which can assist the traffic officers to recognize the criminals or dangerous things within a very safe limit. This Iris scanner technology of Savvides is able to discover a person while they glance at the back view mirror. It is for the first time this kind of a device has been invented.

New system of Savvides is very easy to use 

In a discussion, Savvides stated that the researchers have made the overall user experience quite less disturbing and more comfortable. Moreover, he also said that there are not any X-marks-the-spot. Even there is no site you need to stand.

Savvides’ new Iris scanner system with long range can subtly scrutinize the iris as well as face of any individual. An associate of the Carnegie Mellon stated that in addition to the traffic stops, such technology may also get place at ID confirmation ports at all sites. This can also substitute the login system of laptop which is generally noticed in some other bio-metric structures.

However, the latest technology has some drawbacks that are clarified by the associate of the Carnegie Mellon with the help of some pictures. One of the demerits is that the government will be able to check face and even iris of every individual who is walking on a particular city without any approval or knowledge of the individual. It indicates that the scanner can make use of algorithmic techniques and spot any person who may be a disguised political advocate.

Prevention of many crimes with Iris scanner 

Savvides said that one of the major problems in this world is human trafficking and also sex trafficking. The children are often being kidnapped and trafficked across some borders. If the latest system can be placed at the borders, then it could make out them. A non-profit unit of Virginia, Seraphim Global that opposes all types of human trafficking, decided to deal with Savvides in order to attain their objective.

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