Saturday 4 May 2013

More details about DualShock controller 4 of Playstation 4

The Piece by piece transformation of the Playstation 4 is a mystery of the tangible object. Now a new trailer demonstrates the functions of the DualShock controller 4 in detail. The new Playstation 4 controller has a lot under the hood. The new Sony Playstation 4 guards itself continues as a state secret, for the group the new DualShock controller now illuminated from all sides. In a video, the manufacturer explains the main features of the revised control unit. Thus, we have short-circuited with developers like Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch and Sony Santa Monica to clarify the functions of the DualShock controller was still missing. As a consequence, we have adjusted all the knobs and buttons in their own ergonomics and sensitivity way. In addition, to provide for a more intense gaming experience integrated into the controller speaker. For example, you can make a shooting game for even more realistic to the sound of bullets flying past. Also the benefits of light rail of the Playstation 4 Controller Sony explain in the video.

 So the Playstation 4 can recognize the position of each player in the room at any time. Replace two player now places, could automatically adjust the split screen according to a multi-player game console. This is the next evolution of the Playstation gamepads: the DualShock controller 4. On the front there is a touchpad, as you know from laptops. With the Share button upload video games up to the Internet. Even live broadcasts, which are engaged by your friends should be possible via the Share button and streaming. Examples of the use of the new touchpad are guilty and Sony gamers merely clarifies that the touch-sensitive multi-touch surface, so contact with multiple fingers, supports simultaneously. Heart of the new gamepad is, according to the video of the much-debated and controversial in its necessity Share button. Sony once again emphasizes that it has never been so easy to prepare and share content. Confirmed and possible start title for Playstation 4 and Xbox 720. For the first time since the official investigation event on 20th February in New York Sony announced the framework of the Game Developers Conference (March 25 to 29 2013, San Francisco) on Playstation 4 back. According to a media report, the manufacturer first insights into the user interface of the new gaming console.

Thus, PS4 already shows you the main menu user comments and additional content to the game loaded on. You can also see what your PlayStation Network friends are playing. According to the report of which you may have in the future more than ever, because Sony increases the current limit of 100 friends. Your account, as suggested in advance, subject only to a player, not to the console. Optionally, you link your playstation with your Facebook account, but are then probably forced to use your real name in the Playstation Network. The spectator mode is apparently firmly integrated into the Playstation 4, so that game developers do not need to install it separately in each title. A pressure on the Share button starts the mode. While friends watch you when you play, you send a long press on the Share button in the comments and can take screenshots.

Also streaming of games on the PS Vita is apparently an integral part of the PS4 hardware. This probably means that you can transfer any game on the handheld. To see the game at the same time on the TV screen and the display of the Vita. Since the Vita has fewer shoulder buttons than a normal controller, Sony automatically sets the appropriate functions to other keys. Developers may edit the assignment if necessary. The action buttons on the new DualShock controller are not as similar to previous models, but digital - game developers have made little use of the opportunities of the pressure sensitive buttons. The light bar on the gamepad lights according to the report available in blue, green, red, pink, marking the Player. The innovative touch pad control unit has a resolution of 1920x900 pixels and is thus able to register very fine movements.

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