Saturday 18 May 2013

The new Google Maps!

Google must have some news on the occasion of the conference Google I / O, which begins today. Of these, we expect a new version of Google Maps, its famous mapping service that is still widely reference. Due to a technical error, this new version has been posted online by mistake a few minutes, enough anyway to the website Droid Life made a few catches ... The aim of this update is to provide users the most interesting information at the time when they need it most. Thus, a search for museums in San Francisco highlights the museums of the capital with a stripped card which appears only on the streets, some important buildings, Metro stops and especially museums represented in red map. We can also note that the map fills the screen; the search of Google Maps is placed above in the upper left corner. Other information collected can be integrated with the Google Earth without a module, but only for browsers with WebGL can be enabled. With the latest versions of Safari, it is not active by default, but you can activate it by displaying the "Development" in the preferences menu, then there checking a box. For Google Chrome, it is logically simple: if your machine is compatible then it will be active. Always with a view to provide better information, improved Google Maps route finding with support aircraft, but also multimodal routes. Between two points, and the service may display the time in the car, but also by train, by public transport or bus as applicable. Need to change the setting; everything will be automatically displayed on the map. This new version should be offered as a closed beta first, it will ask for an invitation to enter. Ultimately, the current site will be replaced by the new version, but we do not know what the search giant intends to mobile side. Answer certainly during the Google I / O.

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