Friday 3 May 2013

Google Apps called Keep!

Google has just announced that it began to expand its "Packaged apps" that unveils a new service for its note-taking called “Keep”. It evolves finally ensuring an offline operation in a compact and dedicated window. A few weeks ago, Google launched this service Keep. It was so pretty basic, but had the advantage of working on different platforms synchronously. We then talked about the lack of consistency of the company which offered a less comprehensive than others he had already published, especially in the field of off-line operation and sharing notes with third-party product. If the latter does not seem to be corrected, this is the case for the off-line mode. Indeed, Keep now entitled to its Chrome application is a "Packaged app" of not less than 7 MB. This is not yet referenced in the Web Store, unless you use the Chrome developer branch as we explained in the previous news. You can still find and download from the net. The notes are now displayed in a special window, which becomes the default operating Keep once the application is installed. A significant focus even if we would probably like to create a window rating for segment management for example.

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