Tuesday 14 May 2013

Future Supersonic Aircraft Tested by NASA!

After the crash of July 2000, the Concorde was finally placed permanently on the ground in November 2003. Ten years later, a new supersonic aircraft will perhaps make its appearance in the sky and has just been tested on the premises of NASA. As Concorde is no longer in 2003 (it is still open to the public at the Museum of Air and Space at Le Bourget), a new successor looks set to take over from the supersonic adventure. This is the U.S. aircraft manufacturer Boeing launched the site of the new aircraft sleek aerodynamic design. Everything is done for speed exceeds the sound barrier. It is that the device, which has no name yet, was tested in the premises of the Glenn Research Center of NASA in Cleveland, Ohio. This experimental research center has a blower ("wind tunnel") long and a few meters wide which have been tested in a replica of the prototype.

 A dedicated page on the NASA website explains that "researchers are testing the overall design and performance options to reduce vehicle emissions and noise, and to determine whether the volume of sonic booms can be reduced to a level that would lead to a reversal of the current decision does not allow commercial supersonic flight on earth.” For now this prototype still looks to be in phase of intensive testing, but it is hoped that the engine Boeing will be approved quickly and move people in the near future. Traveling the world at supersonic speed ... We'd love to! Especially since everyone has not had the chance to board the Concorde! Meanwhile, the images of this aircraft make us think of the many Pok√©mon. How does it feel to know that the Concorde will surely have a successor?

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