Monday 20 May 2013 starts to sell e-books and reading online content just indicated that added another string to its bow: the marketing e-books and more magazines. The company has thus competed with Amazon and iTunes for example, but is it interesting to note that the site also boasts a new feature that might interest some: reading your books and magazines online. offers to subscribe to various magazines, individually or in the form of subscriptions. This time, the company has directly competitive with Apple, Amazon, Kobo or Google flowerbeds offering buying e-books. They are announcing the availability of more than 75 000 references in several areas like literature, comics, company, personal development, culture, politics, practical life, etc. It is worth mention that free content are also present. Everything takes place in a dedicated section. In its FAQs, the company states that the files can be in e-pub format and / or PDF with or without DRM as appropriate. On each product page, the available formats are specified. For those who are locked, it will have eternal Adobe ID account in order to read them. Regarding the Amazon Kindle, the store said that only files that are available in Pdf DRM and the library is compatible with this reading light. Others sold in other parts of Europe as the Kobo Arc or those Sony. In addition, applications for Android and iOS are planned, but they will take some time to come out. Their offer is quite similar to that of its competitors. No surprise, the four online shops appear much the same amount. The single price of the book is so well respected. This may involve additional features with, for example, reading your content online, or sharing with your friend’s magazines, two options that have just arrived.

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