Monday 20 May 2013

Sony has unveiled its latest prototype tablet with virtual ink technology

Sony has unveiled its latest prototype tablet with virtual ink technology. The Japanese firm will target high school students and students with this workbook a new genre. It is certainly a story that will delight schoolchildren and students who find their heavy bags too! The Japanese company Sony has just unveiled its latest prototype tablet. After successful reading lights, here comes a slate tablet. You heard right, a slate tablet: that is to say that you can write as if it were a blank sheet of paper or a slate with a stylus and especially thanks to the electronic ink technology or paper mail (e-ink in English). This prototype has a screen of 13.3 inches, about the size of A4 paper used by most of the world's population, for a resolution of 1200 x 1600. The touch screen works with electromagnetic induction technology to allow users to click on certain parts of the screen with the stylus when it is needed. This tablet has so far a battery life of several weeks (Wi-Fi off) and has USB ports and SD cards, although currently the only type of file is that it supports the PDF format. Sony also said that many of these tablets should be provided to three Japanese universities by the end of 2013, before a likely global marketing for 2014. After the revolution of e-readers, Sony promises great things with this electronic paper! It is clearly seen taking notes with this tablet super convenient: more pen marks on the fingers or on the notebook: D! Would you be willing to buy this kind of tablet for your kids?

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