Friday 17 May 2013

BitTorrent says “1 PB of data exchanged”!

Two weeks after being made available for its Sync client, BitTorrent has decided to take on the amount of data exchanged via its service. The figure is quite impressive: 1 Petabyte in just 14 days. But a question remains unanswered: how these figures are collected when no centralized server is at their part? The company says on this point. In late January, BitTorrent unveiled Sync, a synchronization client who wants an alternative to Dropbox. The latter uses the BitTorrent protocol, but does not offer centralized server. Two weeks after its opening at all, the company reported on the use of its application, and the results appear to exceed their expectations. Indeed, 1 Po (or 1,000 TB) of data was exchanged during this time, more than 70 TB per day.

 Some wondered how the company can get this kind of information and what exactly where the details collected. To answer these questions, it has updated the ticket and gives some explanation: "We have some general statistics on the application; we do not have access to private information." It then adds the Sync client periodically checks for new updates are available and then he took the opportunity to send "anonymous statistics" with, for example, how the data is transferred, the file size and the number files synchronized. As pointed out by a user on the forum of BitTorrent, the Sync client performs indeed queries on server via a very special URL, in which there are some details: BitTorrent states that this information has been deliberately left visible to the user: "This is the only information we collect and how we use, and we have deliberately left open. In this way, you can easily check that we do not have access to private information, just general statistics on the application. “ Anyway, some would certainly have liked to disable this option, which does not appear in the current state of things possible, perhaps in a future update?

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