Friday 3 May 2013

How Mobile Optimization Is Good for Businesses

In a smartphone boom led by Apple and the popularity of its apps, the number of users accessing mobile Internet has increased. A 2012 global smartphone user study shows how smartphone Internet usage is catching up with PC/laptop usage in point differences of as high as 12 percentage points to as low as 0, (where in Japan, Internet is accessed in equal measure via smartphone and PC). According to Morgan Stanley and Gartner, mobile device browsing should exceed wired web traffic by 2013.

Mobile browsing boom

Since this gain in momentum, sites optimized for mobile devices have higher click-through rates. It is, as well, forecasted that about 50% of Internet usage will be through mobile as more and more people tend to use their smartphones for looking things up online.

Mobile usage for obtaining local information

Mobile local usage has likewise increased and sites dedicated to group-buying deals such as Groupon and local online stores and sellers have begun to use it as a new platform. Users are also utilizing this for access to local news and traffic information, as well as data on sales, bazaars, events, launches, etc.

Mobile commerce on the web marketplace

It is no news that as of last year, Multiply has fully shifted from being a social media and blogging site into a full-on marketplace. In a 2012 study, it has been reported that at least half of mobile shoppers' monthly purchases are already made through mobile.

Mobile marketing

Aside from apps and sites like Amazon and eBay dedicated solely for buying and selling, social media sites like Instagram and Facebook are now being increasingly used as an online selling platform.
Instagram, being image-centered, is used as an effective social media catalog of products that then link to a business owner's site, while Facebook is used more for establishing relationships to customers in order to keep track of products and/or services.

Mobile trading

The strength of mobile commerce is being developed wildly as Deutsche Bank plans to roll out a social media and mobile platform. TradoLogic, on the other hand, has made trading accessible through smartphones and tablets.
Placing mobile call-to-actions to a mobile website also helps as more and more users equipped with wireless phone add-ons, such as a spy earpiece connected via Bluetooth to a mobile smartphone, can engage in hands-free trading and brokering while multitasking such as driving to work, working out, or on their desktops at work.

Mobile optimization for business promotion strategies

With all this convincing data, as a business owner, freelancer or marketer, it is a good decision to go where the traffic goes, especially right now, while mobile SEO is not yet as saturated. By securing a good wireless Internet connection through a mobile plan and backing it up with a cellphone booster so signal is consistently clear, viewing, testing and utilizing applications, ads, websites or blogs through smartphones will be a breeze.


A mobile device is one of the most personal and closest connections that can be established with any user. As more and more institutions are moving towards mobile optimization, it is safe to assume that business owners, online traders and other independent workers looking for online work who have this mobile-to-mobile relationship with a customer, client or audience have effectively enhanced their online presence.
Aside from working as a financial researcher full-time, Hazel Mae is a freelancer who enjoys traveling and participating in conversations and cultural exchanges of various forms of music, dance, aesthetics and literature.

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