Thursday 16 May 2013

“Hideout” new Disney’s interactive book for bed time stories!

The story before going to sleep is an lmmemorial ritual in many families will soon be turned upside down thanks to an innovation sponsored by Disney! Do you wish to use the light to live the characters in these stories? Disney is in all fronts for past several years. Yes they are in film, video games, comics and other areas, and there is much to do. What interests us this time is that some of their research teams currently working at Disney on the use of light applied to mobile phones and other items such as books. A project called HideOut. Their project will make books more interactive than ever. With portable projectors that could throw light on the books. The projector is equipped with infrared sensors that detect invisible to the naked eye inlaid on the pages elements. It then analyzes this data to recreate the form of light which is precisely the form required by the developers.

Of course, this technology is not confined only to books and concern video games, applications, Smartphone, board games, etc. Will develop a lot of new interactivity with objects of everyday life! Besides this HideOut project is also tested for table games and even wall! As you can see in the photos below, Disney Research also tested this technology for fun games for children and adults for some applications with these infrared markers released into the environment (tables, walls, other flat surfaces). Eventually your children could see dragons or knights magically out of their favorite storybooks! Or even find their heroes of Disney universe as if they were alive. This technology is of course still in the prototype stage and still requires some improvements. But we are confident and we think that such books could happen on our shelves very soon! And even if you do not have toddlers to wonder, maybe it will leave you with stars in your eyes and you ;) Be prepared to tell exciting stories to children?

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