Wednesday 14 January 2015

ViewSonic V55 Smartphone With Iris Scanner

One of most exciting rumors of 2014 was the inclusion of Iris-scanning technology as a prominent feature of the smart phones. Even though the technology was expected to be introduced in the flagship Samsung Galaxy handset, it really did not happen but still kept making headlines throughout the year. The technology was expected to see the daylight in 2014 but it could not happen.

However, the good news is here in 2015, the New Year brings out a break to this jinx and hopes are soaring higher as we will see the very first smartphone featuring the iris scanning and recognition technology. This is expected from ViewSonic, which is company largely associated with displays. The company will reportedly launch a smartphone packed with the Iris recognition technology sometime in January 2015.

Viewsonic’s New Smartphone: 

The California-based company is known to highlight their products at CES every year and hopes are quite high that the company will be launching the smartphone at the event this year. Gizmochina in a report has depicted the functions, features and also some of unseen images of this new  smartphone. The publication has even gone ahead and posted a YouTube video with the title "ViewSonic V55 teaser with Iris recognition technology". This video highlights the different features and how these features work on the smartphone. At the moment there is no information pertaining to the price of the new smartphone.

According to some of the reports, the new technology will ensure that only the owner of the phone, whose iris patterns are pre-recorded with will able to unlock the phone and allow the user to access information from the smartphone.

The reports also suggest that the ViewSonic V55 smartphone will have the iris scanner on top right corner of the handset, which will be covered with a small piece. The users of the phone will have to slide this covering piece to use the scanner. The report also indicates that when the user slides the screen to open the scanner, a light will automatically turn on to indicate that that scanner has been activated.

 The user or the owner of the smartphones will be able to protect their personal files and documents stored on their V55 smartphone by making use of the iris scanner. The reports add that for anyone to access any information that has been stored and protected by the Iris recognition sensor, they will need to the owner to scan their eye into the sensor and that’s how the information will be unlocked.

Specifications of ViewSonic V55: 

This smartphone is expected to be full of pack a 64-bit Snapdragon 410 quad-core processor clocked at 1.4GHz; 2GB RAM, Adreno 306 GPU; and comes in two built-in storage variants - 16GB and 32GB.

Further the smartphone is expected to sport a 5.5-inch full-HD (1080x1920 pixels) OGS display and also includes a 13-megapixel rear Sony camera. The smartphone is expected to support 4G LTE networks. But the only drawback is that there is no information pertaining to the operating system used on the smartphone.

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