Saturday 24 January 2015

Gogoro, the Electric Scooter Could Make Battery-Swapping Work

We all know that technology is growing day by day and now one more chapter in the world of advanced technology as after smartphones, smartscooters are ready to hit the market globally. Recently, Gogoro launched as smartscooter by occupying the stage at CES. Gogoro is electric scooter and work on the zero-emissions policy. This smartscooter is designed to get power from batteries and in present it is available in all over the world through the subscription from a wide range of network vending machines.

Technology on wheels: 

Gogoro is smartscooter, which is equipped with cloud connectivity, an integrated mobile app and in an addition 30 onboard sensors. It allows all the users to take an advantage of premium features like; customized regenerative braking, adaptive throttle control, to find the battery-vending GoStation and detailed scooter diagnostics. Apart from these extra features, riders can also track the driving details such as; top speed, time and they can also analyze the driving patterns in order to energy consumption to optimize power.
According to the Megan Zaroda, spokesperson of company, it is expected that Gogoro will ship its first product this year as they are targeting the megacities on worldwide level.

The more he added that other devices will integrate into this smartscooter and it is kind of portable power. Before four years, Gogoro raised US $150 million, when they was looking for funding to start its operations, but the price plan for Gogoro smartscooter is still surprise. In present, Gogoro's Smartscooter is targeting the teenagers and young people, who are in the age of 18 to 28 years. While coming to its component, it is consist of ultracompact G1 electric motor, which drive performance. This smartscooter is made up of Aeroframe monocoque chassis, which is light in weight with inbuilt programmable LEDs. You can drive it with maximum speed of 95 km/hour as it can reach to 50 km/hour in just 4.1 seconds.

This smartscooter is designed for customizability and it allows riders to choose any specific throttle acceleration, lock-and-unlock audio, lighting themes and the dashboard-screen color spectrum. According to officials of Gogoro, If user will take the monthly subscription plan, so he will be free to use unlimited battery swaps and this process will take only six seconds, apart from that use will get the free roadside maintenance for the time period of two years. Each full battery will provide a chance to run the scooter up-to to 100 km. Battery is consist of automotive-grade lithium-ion, which is cylindrical with a 18650-size of energy cells from Panasonic. It also provides near field communication connectivity, which is of 256-bit security encryption.

When it comes to looks, so no doubt it looks great with sleek lines as it is so common in most of the scooters and motorcycle in these days. As per the company officials, If user will handle the batteries carefully with regular diagnostics, so it can work till several years, as regular diagnostics is one of the key element.

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