Sunday 11 January 2015

Wireless Smart Bulbs Could Scare Away Burglars

Light bulbs developed with the Wi-fi technology are becoming popular in the market now. It is effective in reducing the electricity bill as well as in scaring away the burglars. These smart bulbs can change its lightning according to its adaptability to appearance, mood and location. A study led by Qualcomm has reported that these smart bulbs are built in such a way that they will be able to talk to cars and other electronic appliances, could easily turn on and off automatically and change into different shades of colours.

The technology with innovative design

Qualcomm has developed this smart bulb on the basis of a reference design called LIFX. This reference design can glow into 16different million colours. These smart bulbs have the ability to connect with the mobile devices and appliances. This helps the bulbs to lighten in situations or events like gaming, security, healthcare and other applications.

AllSeen Alliance, a group of IoT technology originated by Qualcomm group has developed this base technology of these smart bulbs. These bulbs are helping the world in building up of smart and home automation. It has become very popular in the market and some of the vendors have already booked for this product. The famous security company ADT have already planned to link these smart bulbs with the security systems. When the alarm goes off then the bulb will flash red and blue lights which will alert the people of the house and will scare away the burglars. This could be highly useful in the security system of a house.

Benefits which could be enhance more

The lightning technology of these bulbs could be enhanced more with the machine technology as it will be highly efficient to use at home. The president of Qualcomm, Derek Aberle during a press conference at International CES in Las Vegas said that the technology of these bulbs can also be helpful to cut off the electricity bills as well.

This technology will also help in identifying automatically those bulbs which need replacing. These systems are developed with such technology that will have a smart hub which will show which bulb is not working and need a replacement and will notify it to the right person. This could be very helpful especially in the data centres and in large offices.

Added advantage and the key roles

These bulbs are rising in the market with the certification of “Designed for AllSeen”. These lights have been designed to communicate with the AllSeen certified TVs, washing machines and other appliances which are already popular in the market. An All-Joyn compatible smart car could easily instruct the smart bulb to turn on or off as the car approaches the driveway.

These bulbs come with the Qualcomm Wi-fi chips. Qualcomm has always been famous for its Snapdragon chips which are been inserted into a mobile device. The Iot technology on which this bulb is designed can communicate with appliances, smart bulbs, wearables and mobile devices.

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