Wednesday 14 January 2015

Welcome the Next Generation of Narratives Wearable Camera

The first generation of the Narrative’s life logging camera has made its debut nearly a year back and it is almost time that the company should think about unveiling a sequel to this device. At CES, people could finally see as what the company has been working on till now and do not jump to the conclusion that nothing additional has been added to the sequel. You will be very wrong. As if now the company has given the name to the device as narrative Clip 2 and has even added a bulk of changes to the device.

The CEO, Martin Källström has given a very clear indication that the Swedish outfit has taken a completely new approach with their second-generation wearable camera and supported the fact that there is no need to fix a device until it is broken. Unlike other companies, the company did not look into developing something new but instead they focused on the some of the major issues encountered with the original device.

Three biggest issues fixed: 

Narrative Clip- The customers were facing issues with that was given to attach the device or the unit to the clothes. The company has now replaced this clip with a flexible mount, which can not only accommodate tripods but lapel pins as well.

Image quality- The unit was initially released with a 5-megapixel sensor but the company has now replaced this with 8-megapixel senor with 90-degree unit that will be offering much better low light performance compared to the previous version.

Sync Images- The initial device was dependent on the USB for syncing data but the company has added Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to enable the users to be able to sync the images with their phones or even through online services offered by the company. Bluetooth can be used for connecting with iOS apps and Android apps. So, now the users will be able to manage and see their photos on their phones.

According to the company, the initial Narrative was more about clicking pictures and making is a part of someone’s private journal, but the latest Narrative will make it much more social with their addition of the social layer. The Narrative Clip 2 is expected to be available in the market in 2015 and people can either have a black, white, or red one as their options.

The device is currently priced at $199. If the users are finding this a bit heavy on the pocket, then the company is still keeping their original narrative available and they are bringing down the price to $149. In United Kingdom the unit will available at £100 and in Australia it will be available at AU$245. At the moment the company is not sure about the existing stocks but they have promised that they will keep on manufacturing the previous version as long as they are receiving demands from the customers.

This device is the perfect companion for the people who are addicted to photography. This clip on camera will be automatically snapping pictures every 30 seconds and each of these photos will be stamped by GPS.

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