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Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Xbox One S Gaming Console Review

Xbox One S Gamign Console Review
Playing video games is the top choice for entertainment for millions of people from all around the globe. This requires you the best in class Console. Your quest for the best gaming console ends, once, you will find the Xbox One S. Coming loaded with unique and exclusive features, this Console promises you the optimum gaming experience and the ultimate excitement and thrills. Thus, money invested in this console is going to produce the best values for its cost.

The key features of the Xbox One S Gaming Console

You have the widest options on the games as Xbox One S console supports more than 1300 games. It includes the trendiest games as well as the classic ones. In addition, you can play the games of the popular series up to the 3rd generation, which makes Xbox One S Console first-of-its kind in its category.

  • Cloud Storage: all the games are saved and backup in cloud storage technology that implies that you can access your favorite game at anytime and from anywhere. 
  • Web Library: it is for this feature that you can actually carry your favorite games along with you, and relish the excitement in playing these games on any Xbox One machine. 
  • One of the best features of this machine is that of the access to the pre-install games. This ensures that you can access those games, the moment such games come live. 
  • You are entitled to unlimited access to the Xbox Game pass that enables you to play more than 100 of exclusive games. Xbox One S: The best in the domain of 4K Entertainment

Speaking about the features of Xbox One S console, one requires giving a special mention about the aspects like streaming 4K and High HD videos on platforms like Hulu, Netflix and many more. The Spatial Audi feature imparts life to the videos and make it appear all the more realistic. Most importantly, the console features compatibility with all the popular entertainment apps, promising that younever run short in this regard.

In addition, the HDR feature enhances the quality of the graphics with its unique High dynamic range. It is for this feature that the console offers richest gaming experience, featuring the optimum contrast proportion between darks and lights. This exclusive feature imparts more depth to the games. Hence, it appears virtually more realistic. As the reviews suggest, users are very happy with this feature and it is one of key points that may account beyond the high demand for this gaming machine.
Speaking more about this wonderful Gaming console, it allows the players to share the gaming sessions. As such, it is going to unite the family. The manufacturer has done a wonderful job by making the machine exclusive, yet, keeping the user interface highly user-friendly.

Investing money in Xbox One S gaming console, you are going to find the best values in return for your money. Thus, it is for sure that you will appreciate the decision to invest in this gaming machine that will support you to relish the optimum gaming experience.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Reasons of Setbacks for the Launching Of Xbox One

Xbox One
Microsoft has kept on waiting until practically the final possible moment to delay the release of the Xbox One in the country of China. It was originally scheduled to be launched on Tuesday, that is, September 23rd. At present, they are stating it will be out in the nation prior to the end of the year. However, they are quite ambiguous about the causes behind the delay.

A Microsoft spokesperson declared that they are really proud as they are able to deliver exciting games and amusement by means of Xbox. He also said that to keep that promise it is needed to alter the launching date of this Xbox. Working in collaboration with their associate, BesTV, they look forward to release it in China by the closing stages of this year.

Selling of Xbox One-

According to the other sources of news, it has been learned that the Xbox One appear in Japan, selling almost 23,562 pieces its first 4 days. In the past, the Xbox has not been sold great in Japan. The 360 traded 62,135 units in 2 days after releasing in Japan, while the new Xbox was sold 123,929 its initial weekend. This dispute is contradicted by those referencing unofficial news that the Xbox One had one lakh preorders in China ahead of its launching. Microsoft is working with twenty-five various sales partners in China, with nearly four thousand physical outlets. Excited gamers can even buy the Xbox One via online.

Reasons of the delay-

The delay is the most recent in a sequence of setbacks for the company Microsoft in China, where this is under investigation for supposed anti-trust violations associated with the Windows operating system and also Microsoft Office.The Chinese government raised a 2000 ban on the gaming consoles previously this year. Microsoft had reached a deal with Chinese internet television set-top box creator BesTV New Media Co Ltd to make a joint venture to produce the consoles in Shanghai's Free Trade Zone one year ago.

China has the huge, infamous video game black market filled with low-priced, cracked systems. The problems with being the first new console to release in China have probably made Microsoft understand that they have to build a few extra things out. Still, it is surprising that the delay was proclaimed literally 3 days away from the assumed launch, indicating something rather great must have come up rather soon.

From the last obtainable data or as per the global information, the Xbox One sold at 5.1M pieces lags behind Nintendo's Wii U as well as Sony's PS4 (10M). The ratios of their sales are more balanced in the country of America that has always had a soft corner for Xbox, but distorted elsewhere in the world, mainly in the Asian as well as European markets where it is released. Satoru Iwata, Nintendo president stated in May that the company wants to launch new game tools in emerging market in the year 2015 but did not indicate its plans any more than that.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Microsoft and Amazon Rides Together to Ensure A Strong Market Response for Xbox One

Xbox One
In the world of online shopping, has been one of the biggest names worldwide. Microsoft, a company whose name is enough to reflect its glory, has set its feet in the field of online retail with a mutual understanding with Amazon. Microsoft has set this bond with Amazon to retail their gaming console which is a patent production from their house. The X-box gaming console can be bought by interested customers only through the internet, and exclusively from Amazon.

For the Xbox one, which has been a revolution in the field of Video gaming on television, Amazon has opened its pre-booking.Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business or the IEB is the division that is responsible for designing and manufacturing the Xbox gaming consoles. These are highly in demand in the market as it is considered to be one of the best gaming devices with its utter perfection in performance. Amazon will make it open for sale on the 1st of September this year.

How this kid of mutuality balances both ends of business. 

Indian e-commerce giant, Flipkart has taken up this business strategy to act as the sole retail partner. They joined hands with cell phone manufacturers like Motorola and Xiaomito retail their handsets in India. These companies will not have them retailed in shops but only through online shopping with the help of Flipkart. This kind of exclusive retailing helps maintain the company’s brand image while securing the profit margin.

They have made it a point to let Amazon handle the entire responsibility of marketing and selling their various Xbox products. Xbox is actually a series of gaming devices and it consists of the Xbox one, the Xbox 360 and the consoles or the game pads that brings a feel into the gamers. Microsoft’s publication of Xbox changes the entire scenario of gaming, and did not take long to build a fan base of its own.

The brand image of Xbox and its sale through Amazon. 

Microsoft has designed the gaming DVDs which are only meant for the Xbox devices only, they have a huge array of games and all of these will be available only on Amazon. If you are interested to buy an Xbox game, you have to get it from Amazon only as it is the only source of buying them. The various Xbox accessories including its stand and wireless gaming consoles will be available through Amazon.
Offers to attract pre-booking and its price in this online forum.

In India, Amazon will launch the Xbox one for sale this September 23rd, 2014; that is a few days after the products will be online. If you are looking for the Xbox one without a Kinect, you should be ready for a pocket pinch of Rs. 39,990 and if you can extend you r budget with another Rs 6000, you can have it with the Kinect. An amazing deal offered by Amazon and Microsoft will pull a huge list of pre-booking, as they offer a free Fifa 15 game for pre-bookers.