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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Gadget:OnePlus 3T Review

OnePlus 3T
The Oneplus 3T is the new name of the Smartphone released by the Company Oneplus. This new product has currently been launched and currently been put for sales in US, UK and Europe. This Chinese smartphone manufacturer has been famous to give an killer specs in an flagship mobiles especially in an affordable price. This company’s previous product was the Oneplus 3 which made the people go crazy for its specs.


The new Oneplus 3T features the same design of its previous sibling the Oneplus 3T. The Oneplus 3T is fully made up of full metal but yet it weighs light in hand. This has an slightly curved back and nice curved round edges and very thin which makes is nice to hold in hands easy to carry.

The new flagship phone now features a new color variant that is the new Gun metal color replacing the old silver color and the phone also comes in Gold variant as well. The Gun metal color comes in 64gb and 128gb storage options whereas the gold comes in 64gb storage.

The design of the phone may be the same but we can guess that there might be an improvement in the hardware and software processing and acceleration.


The Oneplus 3T features the same 5.5 inch AMOLED display with a 1080p resolution as on the previous Oneplus 3. This device features a dual polarizing layer which makes us to view and use the phone in the brightest Daylight.

When you buy an good and a premium Smartphone there must be certain safety measures take to protect your device. One of them is the screen protector in this case the Oneplus 3T ships with an pre installed gorilla glass 4 screen protector which is an very welcomed addition.


The new Oneplus 3T has an updated snapdragon 821 processor clocked up to 2.35GHZ which boosts the phone for a faster proceeding speeds and greater efficiency compared to old Oneplus 3 and compared to the Oneplus 3 the new 3Ts battery consumption is so efficient.

The new phone consists of an 6GB LPDDR4 ram which helps the device to perform faster.


The Oneplus 3T has been updated with an 3400 mAh battery compared to the Oneplus 3 which features an 3000 mAh battery. The battery has been increased by 13% without an increase in weight in the device.

The phone is shipped with Dash Charger which helps to get the phones battery back to full charge in less time. The Dash charger contains the extra heat from charging your device and this prevents its way to the device. This makes it easy to use the Device when its still connected to the charger.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

New Software- Solve the Touch screen Problem of OnePlus One

OnePlus One
OnePlus has now launched latest software updating for the popular OnePlus One Smartphone. This installation is apparently made to solve a number of problems that the customers have reported concerning the OnePlus One Smartphone.

The major problem that the users of this OnePlus One Smartphone have informed is the issues regarding the touch screen of the model. Moreover, many owners have reported that they face problem at the time of locking their phone and also at the time of using the apps.

The newest software prepared for the OnePlus One is thus, actually designed to the problem, as well as a lot of other troubles with the handset and the update that is being released is known as the over the air or OTA update.

The new software includes the version CyanogenMod 11.0 XNPH33R, according to Android 4.4.4. It directs various types of bug issues together with power consumption problem and provides security update. OnePlus informs that the update offers significant security updates and solves some other issues.

Various changes for the updates

• Changed image quality

• Fixing of touch screen problem. However, it is not much helpful in spite of the fact that the update solves unsystematic touches problem, which seems to check unlocking of the phone. Besides, the grounding matter yet exists.

• Less power use in idle state

 • Audio updates

• CVE-2014-4943 and other update for security

OTA downloading method

At first, download the version of XNPH33R OTA for OnePlus One. After downloading the link, reboot the mobile and click the button ‘Volume Down’ when it is booting. The word ‘Start’ would come into view on the screen. After that, press the button ‘Volume Up’ for a number of times until you get Recovery button.

Now click Power switch to enter the mode of recovery. You can see the Android with a red sign. Now push ‘Volume Up’ along with ‘Power’ buttons and a menu would then appear.

Link your OnePlus One to the PC by means of USB cable.Make sure that you have the newest adb version that holds the ‘side load’ command. Then, get downloaded the Android SDK. Place the downloaded file on PC and get a command prompt in the similar directory like the zip file.

Solution of different problems

The XNPH33R probably fixes the problem concerning the touchscreen, which caused it to overlook a number of inputs on the display screen right away while they were close to one other.

There was even a trouble with the grounding that made the touchscreen to create when the mobile was placed on particular surfaces, for example a pillow.The grounding problem also made it hard to utilize the touchscreen.

The new alteration can fix that trouble, although various users have stated that the touchscreen yet does not function appropriately for inputs adjacent to each other. This can create problems while you are typing letters or playing any game.

The OTA download connections are available only to those users who have not yet got the update notification.