Monday 30 July 2012

15 exclusive features you would like to see the jailbreak on iOS - VI

Increase the size of application folders (InfiniFolders)

Since 2010 and the arrival of iOS 4, the iPhone offers the ability to create application folders for meet and avoid duplicated too many pages on his smartphone. But on the Apple phone, the number of applications is limited to 12. With InfiniFolders, the recipe is expanding to not setting any limits. Operation is simple: more than 12 applications, scroll mode automatically turns on. Beware though, this feature is not free: $ 1.99 on Cydia.

Receive acknowledgments for SMS (iPhone Delivery)

Another application for paranoid, which should delight fans of iBlackList. Acknowledgments were particularly fashionable in the 2000s with the advent of SMS on sound large pixels and dual color displays. But Apple has seen fit to override this feature from the first iPhone and it never returned, except for IMessage. Here is a tweak that corrects this oversight. Once installed, an alert appears when the message with the date and time of transmission and the delivery. Unfortunately, the iPhone 4S is not yet compatible with this tweak, free also.

Send any document type via Bluetooth / mail (AnyAttach / AirBlue)

Bluetooth has seen its heyday but as for the acknowledgments, Apple has done some may sink. The reason? The Apple brand has chosen not to use wireless technology to send files. AirBlue offers the ability to send any document type via Bluetooth: music, photo, video, etc.. The additional good idea comes from the application AnyAttach, which completes AirBlue offering the possibility to send any type of file by mail. The tweak is easy to install but it will cost $ 1.99 on Cydia.

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