Sunday 1 July 2012

Apple ban the Galaxy Nexus in the United States

Less than a week after the banning of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, it is the turn of the Galaxy Nexus to be banned from sale in the United States. The Samsung phone, built in partnership with Google, has been delisted under the patent war going on between Apple and the Korean brand.

The complaint: Research and voice control

It is an injunction on the patent including rape 604 on research and vocal control that is causing the withdrawal. "It is not coincidence that the latest Samsung devices (smartphones and tablets) to look as much like the iPhone and the iPad, and this, both in form and in the interface, not to mention the packaging" has Apple responded.

Soon the turn of the Galaxy S3?

More importantly, it inevitably raises the question of the future. Of course Samsung is going to appeal and the procedure may last for several months. But the latest smartphone manufacturer's flagship, the Galaxy S3, can in turn disappear from American shelves? This injunction she could give ideas to Apple in other countries? A patent war that is not ready to stop.

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