Tuesday 10 July 2012

A futuristic-looking 3D table

Work of Dutch designer Daan Mulder, the table is part of the 3D line of - a creation that combines originality and modernity.

The artist Daan Mulder is full of imagination when it comes to creating a piece of furniture with a futuristic design. After the steel sofa, his recent work is a table with 3D visualization. Also in the world of interior design, furniture is flanked by an avant-garde design with a fluid form. Designed with precision and finesse, the table is very graphic.

 It consists of a single piece of wood, with an oak veneer. To bring more lusters, it has a lacquer finish with ultra matte. The table thus represents an unusual decorative element for modern interior.

Rather successful, the table based on 3D visualization is also an example of innovation. Finally, its price is available upon request.

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