Tuesday 10 July 2012

Kaylad, a concept electric tricycle

A designer known for Dimitrios Niavis comes to share his concept of eco-friendly vehicle. This is actually an electric tricycle called Kaylad 2.0.

Kaylad 2.0 is a new concept of electric tricycle that is added to the list of green bikes with three wheels. Created as a means of rapid transit, the designer has considered its practicality in design. The tricycle is thus a functional alternative to get around town.

 At first glance, Kaylad 2.0 displays a modern design. Its uniqueness lies in its characteristics. It is equipped with an electric motor 250 W which provides three levels of assistance variable and a lithium battery. It also includes hydraulic disc brakes, movable mirrors and tires without inner tubes.

To top it all, the concept of Kaylad 2.0 includes LED lights and a rack secured to the front of the trike. For now, its creator Dimitrios Niavis is hard at work to produce a prototype of an environmentally friendly vehicle.

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