Sunday 22 July 2012

The history of Twitter available soon

Here's some news that will delight some users of Twitter. Your history may well become fully searchable and can be downloaded same, like Facebook. A possibility that the reporters from the New York Times obtained from the mouth of Dick Costolo, chairman of the social network. By cons, the process would run into some problems that mobilize many developers. Provide access to all data for each user seems a bit more complicated than expected, especially in terms of research.

But since some sites already offer as OldTweets to recover some of the historical (usually limited to 1 year), we suspect that many users are interested in this opportunity.

Anyway, Twitter is subject to European rules, which require that such a service that allows users to retrieve their records. Some users have managed to get them by asserting their rights. But the approach is not very practical or very imitable by a majority of people. We prefer to wait quietly as the social network offers a simple, fast and convenient way to recover his precious tweets.

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