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Thursday 1 September 2016

Twitter Adds A Hidden ‘Night Mode’


Night Mode Added by Twitter to Apps

Night mode has been added by Twitter to its app in an effort that it could be a screening of the next iPhone.The new setting is said to enable the user to turn their background and text contradictory colours which makes the app a dark blue and the writing white.

It could well be a promo of what is in store in the future devices. For instance the iPhone has been rumoured for some time now of getting a night mode across its apps. It would be significant if Apple tends to roll out an OLED screen. OLED screens need to work less hard in producing blacks and which are far richer which means that the designing apps using darker colours assist in preserving the battery life and looks better.

So far, the feature has only been revolved to some apps, only by the developers. Twitter is said to be of the first major apps to provide it. The latest setting can be accessed by going to your own profile on selecting `Me’ tab in the app and click the cog in the top right hand corner. When that’s done, a large list of options tend to come up, one of which will be `turn on night mode’. The feature can also be turned off in the same manner.

Perceive Better While Tweeting in the Dark

The night mode feature enables users to perceive better while tweeting in the dark.The night or dark mode feature tends to ensure that the light which is transmitted from the app on the phone is not severe to the eyes and using a shade which is darker than usual would not have any issue utilising the phone while tweeting at night. It is a good move; in spite of the fact the Twitter app had not a received good rating.

 The social media app had announced the new setting update recently along with a gif tutorial on the use of the night mode option. It enables the user to switch their background and text colours, which automatically tends to change the writing to white, while the app tends to turn dark blue making the bedtime tweeting easy on the eyes. The night mode option of Twitter could be what some tech supporters are presuming could be the first hint at a new software changes which seem to be coming for iOS users.

Users to Adhere to Policies

Ever since Apple had first announced its intention of releasing a new iPhone in September, being speculated as iPhone 7, there were rumours circulating that the updated software would come with a new night mode feature across all its apps, especially if Apple uses the new phone to unveil an OLED screen, according to the report of Independent.

 Twitter had mentioned that `in order to protect the experience and the safety of people using Twitter, there are some limitations on the type of content and behaviour that is permitted. All users should adhere to the policies set forth in the Twitter Rules and failure to do so could result in the temporary locking and/or permanent suspension of account.

Twitter also added some new feature to curb down harassment, providing more control over what one views and who you tend to interact with. The micro blogging network seems to have ample of work to do in convincing the critics particularly with regards to harassment.

Saturday 2 April 2016

Twitter Becomes Easier for Visually Impaired Users

Twitter is one of the most widely used social networking websites in the world. In order to remain competitive in the highly contested arena of social networking companies has to be find new ways to keep their portal above the rest. On the same thought Twitter has rolled up some new exciting features which are aimed at providing more functionality along with helping the visually impaired audience. Twitter has released the feature to add descriptions to the images in the Tweets. Adding descriptions which is also known as alternative text will help specifically the visually impaired users in understanding the image in a better way.
Twitter new service now widely available

Twitter has promptly made this new available on both Android and iOS platform. Now user from any kind of mobile device will be able to add more information to their pictures within an instant. In order to use this feature users will have to go the app’s accessibility setting and look out for the option called ‘compose image descriptions’. Once this feature is enabled users will be able to see an option to add description for every image they will upload.

It is interesting to note that tweet character limit is still set at 140 characters while Twitter offers 420 characters for writing the picture descriptions. Some experts believe that this is Twitter way of saying you can speak more with an image rather in your tweet. Another feature of this service is that description will have the potential read by the assistive technology such as Braille displays and screen readers.

Tech giants are looking out for the visually impaired in a great manner

Over the years technology advancement has gone through such a rapid phase that we had missed on a number of technology evolutions. Twitter introduction of description for images not just shows how much tech companies cares for the visually impaired population but it also bring focus on the technology which has made it happen. Nowadays smartphones have certain great accessibility features like VoiceOver in the iPhone which offers text readout aloud through gesture support. Google has its own TalkBack which helps visually impaired users in accessing anything on their devices in a simple and smart move.

Twitter’s intention behind bring this new feature

Twitter doesn’t bring new features quite and when it does it serves more than one purpose. Twitter has asserted that they had brought this feature to empower its users and help the visually impaired users in a better fashion. Twitter maintains that photos had been center of some of the greatest moments of the Twitter and new features will help in improving the user’s experience. But a report by Venturebeat suggests that having the accessibility addition on the twitter will help Twitter in identifying the specific tweets much easier than before. This feature will help in improving the Twitter’s search feature which is quite lackluster doesn’t help much. Apart from these Twitter’s new feature will also be available for the third party users and API partners because it will be made available via the Twitter cards and REST API.

Saturday 20 September 2014

Explore the New Features on Twitter Helping You to Initiate a New Episode

Twitter appears as one of the popular social sites that connect the world enabling you to communicate with the persons at any part of the world.

Recently, Twitter announced the change in fonts and the color options that you can explore while using the social site. The users can ascertain multiple color options in their profile which you need to implement properly creating a suitable page.

Moreover, the altered font improves the overall speed along with the enhanced readability features. Alongside, you can find the new buttons that include the suitable opportunities carrying out the profile activities efficiently without any interruption.

Get Familiar With the Changes

Installing the app, you can even use Twitter on Android and other smart devices that allows you to get access to the essential information through the particular social site.

Furthermore, you can comprehend the feasible fonts that reveal the opportunity of the specific options. Therefore, you can gain the popularity on Twitter that conveys your identity online. Therefore, to experience the real time changes you need to log in to your Twitter profile where you can discover the new features related to fonts and colors.

You can pick up a new color for your profile that would enhance the popularity and you can start receiving better responses on Twitter. However, you need to pay attention while creating a new identity ensuring that you choose the right options.

Utilize the new fonts and wrote something new for your profile that would grab the attention of the other users.

Go Through the Online Articles

The new users who are planning to create a Twitter profile can go through the information displayed online knowing the entire process and other useful details. Hence, you can eliminate the doubts knowing the feasible ways through which you need to proceed.

After you acknowledge the important data regarding the features, you create your own profile recognizing the practical benefits on Twitter. Also, you can ascertain the other effective outputs that represent the real usability of the site.

Make sure that you comprehend the complete system and carry out the procedure efficiently recognizing the recent updated features. However, while reading the articles and the comments you can discover both positive and negative feedbacks that may be confusing. So, you need to practically experience the features understanding the outputs that you receive in the recent times.

Know the Functionality of the Buttons

Finally, after you create the profile you should know the accurate functionalities of the particular buttons that you need to use to accomplish the bustles.

Therefore, it is important to evaluate the entire system along with the performance of the buttons that helps you to accomplish the activities at your ease. Get a real time view of the new profile that accumulates the suitable colors and fonts according to your needs.

Ensure that you implement the attributes in the proper way that suits your entire profile. Finally, you are able to connect to the entire world using Twitter as the suitable social platform.

Thursday 11 September 2014

Twitter Starts Testing the “Buy” Button for Purchases

Twitter Buy Button
Apart from being the real time emporium for photos, news, videos and 140-character snippet for thought, Twitter, the real time social network, is now moving towards becoming a virtual shopping mall for products.

Twitter at the start of the September did announce that they are planning to work on testing a “buy” button, which only can be embedded within a post, but also will allows user to purchase products with just few clicks.

Currently the site relies virtually on advertising for their income, but with this new feature Twitter can generate a new stream for revenue. Currently this feature is expected to be limited to the mobile version of Twitter and it is aiming at selling out only time sensitive or limited editions items like T-shirts and movie tickets.

Currently the e-commerce based on mobiles is highly competitive and the test is coming at a highly intensified state of the e-commerce world. Apple on the other hand also is expected to unveil their new iPhone which has phone-based payment feature (NFC). Twitter’s arch rival, Facebook, already started working on the buy button concept in their service in July.

Twitter Buy Button
Social network which includes Pinterest (visual book) consider e-commerce as a potential moneymaker. Even though none of these companies have been able to successfully introduce any new purchasing technology on wider scale; each of these companies has been working on making purchase an easier option from their respective sites. With many of the company’s marketing their products on Twitter and Facebook through messages, the online sales revenue is expected to be in billions of dollars. These companies not only promote their products but also provide user and external link to visit the respective site to make purchase.

Now these companies have taken shopping a step ahead and trying to offer the customers option wherein they can purchase product by clicking on the advertisement instantly. This will not only allow these sites to charge the user a transaction fee but also ensure that the user stays on their website.
In contrary to the previous attempts made by Twitter with e-commerce companies like Amazon, the users don’t need to send any public message with hash tag to buy anything, instead they can just click on the “buy” button to proceed with the transaction. Once the user clicks on the buy button, the service will prompt them to enter the delivery address and payment detail and ask them to confirm the transaction.

According to Nathan, who leads Twitter’s commerce efforts, they have given a website which help one to connect with the things that you adore. To make is more additive, add the transaction experience for the user. The testing of the buy button is expected to be restricted to small user group in America and will feature only 19 entities including musician etc. Even though the idea of certain types of products for sale was unclear, but they knew that anything that has a sense of urgency will be an attraction. It’s about offering user unique products.

Tuesday 9 September 2014

Twitter reportedly opening up its Tweet Analytics Dashboard service for each user

Tweet Analytics
When the social site giant Twitter Inc. believes in ‘more people, more fun’ concept, offering new feature for much easy access is very much expected then. The prime contender of Facebook Inc. has reportedly opening up its tweet analytics service for every user. Notably, Twitter has introduced this feature earlier this year, but only advertisers and verified Twitter account holders were eligible to get the feature. Now the company has decided to give its access to all the users gradually. Tweet Analytics Dashboard is a pretty cool tool which helps users to track the performance of their tweets, their account. So, in another word, this tool is a popularity meter for users.

How Twitter Dashboard works:
With Twitter Dashboard tool, users can evaluate their twitter performance and will be able to learn more about their tweets. Such as-
  • Users can check how their tweets are engaging new people in real time,
  • Can compare tweet performance on monthly basis and can check how their tweets played as trends over time,
  • Upon clicking a tweet, the dashboard will give every information about that tweet, including number of retweets, favourites, replies, follows or click it received.
  • Also the users will be able to download the tweet metrics.
Though the company has assured to offer this service to each user over Twitter platform, but right now any account older than 14 days can avail the offer. Also, according to the press release, users, who primarily tweets in English, Spanish, French and Japanese will get this feature. Those, fulfilling the criteria, can avail the service simply by logging into analytics. with their username and password.

How to use the Dashboard:

Follow these simple steps to use the dashboard.
  • Click on any tweet to get a charts containing all details about that tweet, which includes number of retweets, replies, follows etc.
  • The same chart will show how many times that tweet got clicked and how it engaged with people.
  • Download the tweet metrics in a CSV file.
Dashboard keyword definitions:

Once you are well-known with the dashboard terminologies, then you are good to go. Here are the list of those keywords.

§ Engagement rate: This shows number of engagements divided by impressions.

§ Favourites: This number reflects how many times a user made his tweet favourite.

§ Follows: This number tells how many times a used followed you via your tweet.

§ Hashtag clicks: This number gives idea about how many times the hashtag in a tweet got clicked.

§ Impressions: How many times a used posted a tweet on timeline.

§ Replies and Retweets: This number tells you the number of retweets and replies a tweet got.

According to the company spokesperson, with tweet metrics and engagement metrics, which shall be updated in few seconds, the users will enjoy every bit of it to guess their popularity in real time. Before searching for the dashboard, just keep in mind that the account should fulfil all the criteria.

Friday 5 September 2014

Bug Bounty Program: Find Bugs and Get Rewards from Twitter

Bug Bounty Program
One of top online social networking giant- Twitter has launched their new “bug bounty program”. This programs aims at paying $140 to the volunteer security researchers who are able to report any bug or vulnerability in the website.

In order to recognize the work being done by volunteer or individual security researchers, the new program was launched. This program has been named as “HackerOne” and launched in partnership with the portal names HackerOne, which connects web security researchers with different companies. The ultimate aim is to encourage the efforts that are being put by these researchers for making Twitter safe for everybody. At the moment the minimum reward value has been set at $140 but there has not upper limit set for the maximum value. According to Twitter, the maximum reward will depend on the severity and kind of the bug that will be detected.

Twitter has set certain qualification parameters before the researchers can get their hands on the reward:
  • You should be the first person to report about any bug and you will not able to publicly disclose any information about the identified bug before Twitter has the opportunity to fix the bug.
  • You can't live in countries like; Cuba, Sudan, North Korea, Iran, or Syria because the national law of these countries prohibits Twitter to pay any rewards to the hackers.
  • As per the data available on the HackerOne website, 46 bugs have already been fixed by Twitter and nearly 44 hackers have been thanked for their efforts in identifying the bugs.
  • Twitter has been able to launch a wall of fame in which the researchers who were able to identify bugs and have been rewarded will be featured.
On the similar lines, Facebook had also launched a program in the year 2011 with the minimum rewards of $500. Market giants Google and Microsoft are also not behind; even they have similar reward programs. So if you are an individual security researcher and trying to select a particular platform for carrying out individual research, then probably Microsoft and Facebook’s reward will be more rewarding as they are ready to pay more for the service.

Twitter has been successfully able to put out the message to hackers to find bugs and get paid in return. Even though the reward might seem small but excellent hackers and researchers have got opportunity to find as many bugs as possible to get paid. This news has made a lot of amateur hackers and researchers in India happy as among the 44 hackers who have been thanked, 10 of them are Indians.

Twitter: Get Access to the Tweets without Any Restrictions

Twitter emerges as the popular social media that people use to stay connected following the respective updates. Today millions of users possess an account on Twitter ensuring that they are able to acknowledge the modern technology.

Using twitter, you can even know the status of the tweets that help you to carry out the activities with complete efficiency. Once you log in to your Twitter account, you can acknowledge the tweets that are really easy to discover.

Therefore, you can ascertain the right path through which you can go ahead receiving the feasible technical outputs. However, you need to maintain the profile in the right way ensuring that you are able to concede the suitable opportunities.

Sign in With a Twitter Account

Initially, you need to create a suitable Twitter account that ensures you are able to perform all the functions efficiently knowing the status of the tweets. So, know the entire procedure accomplishing the suitable operations according to your needs.

Once, you complete creating the account, understand the features clearly that would help you to carry out the entire procedure successfully. Therefore, Twitter allows you to perceive the real time benefits utilizing the particular social platform.

Furthermore, you can recognize the extensive utilities that you achieve utilizing Twitter. Recently you can explore multiple new features that incorporate the smart technical backdrop for Twitter.

Download All the Tweets

The modern attribute that Twitter accumulates allow you to recognize the entire set of tweets, which you can download knowing the complete details. After you complete the download procedure, you can start browsing discovering the essential information through the tweets.

You can select the ideal browsing method that includes the feasible keywords revealing the suitable outputs. Twitter Archive search appears as another attribute that you can utilize to look through the useful information that fulfills all your needs. Utilize the features properly and gain the outputs that represent the effective technical competency.

Moreover, you are able to view all the tweets on a single page and thus you do not have to move around looking for each tweet. Simply, you need to input the accurate username and password that would help you to access the feasible options enabled with the ability to perceive the tweets on your profile.

Access the Tweets on the Way

Nowadays you can even install the Twitter on the smart devices and thus can acknowledge the beneficial outputs without any limitations. Make sure that you are able to operate the system efficiently that helps you to recognize the original benefits. Therefore, you need to utilize the system implementing all the optimistic features that enhance the overall search system.

Ascertain the important tweets that make your profile attain a distinct identity over the web. In this direction, you can get access to the tweets that you receive consisting of multiple messages. Irrespective of the type of information, you can experience the facilities of the new approach that is being developed to provide the opportunity to the users.

Sunday 22 July 2012

The history of Twitter available soon

Here's some news that will delight some users of Twitter. Your history may well become fully searchable and can be downloaded same, like Facebook. A possibility that the reporters from the New York Times obtained from the mouth of Dick Costolo, chairman of the social network. By cons, the process would run into some problems that mobilize many developers. Provide access to all data for each user seems a bit more complicated than expected, especially in terms of research.