Wednesday 11 July 2012

Mozilla Thunderbird turns the page

After a flight relayed by the site TechCrunch, Mozilla acknowledged that the management of Thunderbird email client, would change. The software media will now be provided by the community and not by the development teams of the foundation. Specifically, all new users will be the result.

Originally scheduled for Monday, July 9, the announcement manager at Mozilla Thunderbird, JB Piacentino, was advanced to Sunday. The customer support email password so open source, which sounds like an admission of abandonment by the foundation.

 This is also suggested that the posting on the blog from Mitchell Baker, director of the foundation.
"To date we have not succeeded in our mission"

"The Thunderbird team has planned that should ensure the stability of current versions and allow the community to innovate for the future. [...] We're trying for years to make Thunderbird a particularly innovative product, which plays an important role in the evolution of an Internet messaging more open, innovative and even more active contribution base. To date, we have not succeeded in our mission, "said Mitchell Baker.

Development teams currently in charge of Thunderbird should remain within the foundation, probably on the next Firefox OS. This is a mobile operating system open source, which could land as early as 2013, for a supply of cheap smartphones.

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