Sunday 8 July 2012

Orbit, the washing machine of the future

What would the washing machine of the future? A French designer already gives an overview. The high-tech appliance is planned for the year ... 2050.

Orbit, as it is called. Invented by designer Elie Ahovi Electrolux is a magnetic levitation washing machine. Interesting concept, Orbit requires neither water nor soap to wash dirty clothes. The unit plans to capitalize on cleaning dry. Designed for its practicality, the washing machine is flanked by a futuristic design.

Round, it consists of a ring of magnets creuxmuni and a spherical drum made of two layers of safety glass and superconducting material. The latter contains dry ice, which eliminates the dirt, without any odor. One tube handles washable filter out dirt. Unit is self-powered; the battery recharges the ring induction when the drum rotates. Rather simple to use, the concept of Orbit is an effective alternative and without wasting water.  


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