Monday 2 July 2012

VLC password (discreetly) in version 2.0.2

The application VLC (Video Lan Client) may no longer needs an introduction ... The software can read any type of audio or video streams without having to add any codec. No need to download the "pack", VLC takes care of everything. Available on PC, Mac OS and Linux, but also being ported to Android (not counting the iPhone / iPad removed from the iTunes Store), VLC is for this range of essential software completely.

VLC has just passed a version 2.0.2. This edition is in fact available since June 28, but not for all platforms. It was not until July 1 to enjoy the final versions of all versions. As perhaps explains the relative paucity of VLC team as to present new in this version. Yet, considered a major upgrade by developers, it delivers a lot of important fixes in Windows. Users of Windows XP and older graphics cards will enjoy better image quality, increased support for codecs Blu-Ray, and a new module dedicated to the TV digital.

But it is especially editing Mac OS X that enjoys this update. First good point: VLC 2.0.2 is compatible with the technology and screens HiDPI Retina. Images and captions are so widely sharper. Second good point: the interface of VLC on Mac OS X has been reworked. Critics of this new edition will probably find fault with, but can not deny that this new environment provides better readability and increased usability for all. Finally, just as Windows users, owners of older machines will benefit from improved image rendering.

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