Monday 23 July 2012

A German judge prohibited the Galaxy Tab 7.7 in Europe

That was almost long as we had not heard of the trial against Samsung and Apple. In that regard the supposed resemblance of the Galaxy Tab to the iPad, the Higher Regional Court of Düsseldorf in Germany ruled in Apple by banning the sale of Samsung 7.7-inch tablet. A decision on appeal which confirms the previous sentence, dated October 24, 2011. Unlike this time, the prohibition does not apply as the Germanic territory, but also the rest of Europe.

Last week a British judge ruled the opposite decision, condemning the way Apple to post on its website that the regional Galaxy Tab was not a copy of the iPad. A decision on the three shelves Samsung, including 7.7. It will therefore necessarily be a conflict between the German and English decisions that can seem difficult to the end.

Remains that for the Galaxy Tab 10.1N, designed precisely to score more difference in terms of design with the iPad, the German court found sufficiently marked to distinguish the two tablets.

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