Monday 9 July 2012

Aliens, beware of copyright land

In 1977, NASA sent into space probe Voyager 1. Its original purpose was to gather information on the planets Jupiter and Saturn.

Today she continues her adventure to 17.8 billion miles from his starting line, the Earth. Aboard Voyager 1, in addition to scientific equipment necessary for its mission, a registration was filed. 

As a gold disk, various images and sounds were selected to represent the culture landed.

Bad luck, whoever is behind this compilation, Carl Sagan explained that this disc was protected by copyright, without NASA succeeds in obtaining the necessary rights to reproduce it. Unable to find today when an exact copy. To find a complete list of what is aboard that gold record, a Wikipedia page lists the contents. For its part, NASA has made available some of the documents, but of course not what is protected by copyright.

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