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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Waymo: Detroit Auto Show Reveals a Google Designed Self Driving Van

Google has been developing Waymo a self driving vehicle for quite some time and it isn’t secret as a number of reports about its testing have emerged in the past. However we have been for a long time to see this vehicle in live action finally that moment arrived at the Detroit Auto Show. This edition of Detroit Auto Show was filled with a slew of sport utility vehicles, flashy and sleek deans and robust pickup vehicles. But Google unveiled an odd-looking and quite classic minivan Waymo which has the self driving capability infused in it. This particular minivan has been designed and manufactured by Google which comes with its indigenously developed autonomous driving capability.

Google shift its self driving vehicle development under new business

Just a month ago Google’s parent company Alphabet has did away with the driverless car project to a new business company. Now the self driving vehicles developed by the Google will be made under Waymo but it will still have the Google branding on it. The point of creating a whole new company to cater to the self driving vehicle segment is that it will help in commercializing the vehicle in short period without much needless scruples of gaining authorization. The first minivan showcased by the Google Waymo is simply the first vehicle in series of vehicles which will launch in upcoming years.

An elegant old design with modern driving capabilities

Tesla and BMW has shown futuristic autonomous vehicle in the past and they are going to make their way in the market by 2020. On other hand Google has gone with a traditional and conventional design model with it minivan but it is equipped with Google’s indigenously developed self driving capabilities. This Waymo minivan makes use of self-driving sensors and advanced vision system which has been exclusively developed for this vehicle. Google has partnered with Fiat Chrystler to manufacturer the van which showcases the collaboration between a true automobile maker and tech firm at its best.

As stated earlier Google isn’t the only one which is keen on developing safe, reliable and robust self driving vehicles. Some of the established automakers like General Motors and Ford Motors are also aggressively working towards developing their own self-driving vehicle and both of these has showcased plan of having a manufacturing unit in Michigan in upcoming months
Google plans to turn every mainstream vehicle into autonomous vehicle

However Google has some other plans for itself driving technology. It is gearing up to offer ready made packages of its self-driving equipment which can be easily integrated to any kind of mainstream vehicle to turn it into an autonomous vehicle.

An official from Google has stressed upon the fact that Google has invested a huge sum in developing all the self-driving sensors in-house which allows it to add new functionalities and to remodel it to work with other vehicles with ease. Google self-driving technology has one important goal at its core which is to bring full autonomy to the vehicles without undermining the safety quotient of the vehicle.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Waymo, Google's Self Driving Car Company

Google has been researching and developing a whole new level of driverless car technology for the past 7 years. Now Google has made their project into a new company named WAYMO. This company is under the Google’s parent company Alphabet. WAYMO is a technology based company which is made with an intention to make the self driving car to be safe to transport people and things and to be put a wide range of use and availability.

The company’s main focus is not to develop the self driving cars but to develop that technology in a effective and efficient way so that it can be widely put to use and easily available for other car developers. Now the testing of the project is made under all different scenario and this technology which is developed must be very useful and very simple to use and shouldn’t be complicated. Thus it can benefit everyone including public transport system. This technology can save time and distance and will be of much benefit. The WAYMO Company won’t be making cars whereas it will be fitting these technology advancement in that car.

The “Koala Cars” is a small car which is currently used by Google for testing and development of its self driving technology. The Fiat Chrysler seems to be the first car to come out with the Google’s software equipped who signed a deal with Google for its self driving technology in the company’s Pacifica mini vans this deal was made between the companies on May.

The development of this technology was started 7 years before in Google lab and now is being made ready to be put into production after a test made for 2.3 million miles in its fully robot controlled vehicle. There will a giant leap made by the company to put its developing technology in an finished car and to make it available to the public. They are in the process of developing more map routes, to make the user enjoy a smoother ride and make navigations very accurate. There must be a proper system to navigate and drive the vehicle in heavy snow covered road and in heavy rain in simple this technology must be able to adaptable in all weather.

On October 2015 it turned out to be a remarkable event for Google when the company gave the first full automatic car ride to a blind man in Texas and no one accompanied him on his journey. He was travelled in one of the Koala cars in Texas travelling through the public roads of Austin.

Google has developed and tested many project and everything is very special and unique whereas compared to this feature Google has been doing a good job and developing us to the future. Many people may ask “is it possible for us to physically not drive a car but to reach our destination safely?” well Google might and will give answers to these types of questions in the upcoming future.