Monday 19 December 2016

Waymo, Google's Self Driving Car Company

Google has been researching and developing a whole new level of driverless car technology for the past 7 years. Now Google has made their project into a new company named WAYMO. This company is under the Google’s parent company Alphabet. WAYMO is a technology based company which is made with an intention to make the self driving car to be safe to transport people and things and to be put a wide range of use and availability.

The company’s main focus is not to develop the self driving cars but to develop that technology in a effective and efficient way so that it can be widely put to use and easily available for other car developers. Now the testing of the project is made under all different scenario and this technology which is developed must be very useful and very simple to use and shouldn’t be complicated. Thus it can benefit everyone including public transport system. This technology can save time and distance and will be of much benefit. The WAYMO Company won’t be making cars whereas it will be fitting these technology advancement in that car.

The “Koala Cars” is a small car which is currently used by Google for testing and development of its self driving technology. The Fiat Chrysler seems to be the first car to come out with the Google’s software equipped who signed a deal with Google for its self driving technology in the company’s Pacifica mini vans this deal was made between the companies on May.

The development of this technology was started 7 years before in Google lab and now is being made ready to be put into production after a test made for 2.3 million miles in its fully robot controlled vehicle. There will a giant leap made by the company to put its developing technology in an finished car and to make it available to the public. They are in the process of developing more map routes, to make the user enjoy a smoother ride and make navigations very accurate. There must be a proper system to navigate and drive the vehicle in heavy snow covered road and in heavy rain in simple this technology must be able to adaptable in all weather.

On October 2015 it turned out to be a remarkable event for Google when the company gave the first full automatic car ride to a blind man in Texas and no one accompanied him on his journey. He was travelled in one of the Koala cars in Texas travelling through the public roads of Austin.

Google has developed and tested many project and everything is very special and unique whereas compared to this feature Google has been doing a good job and developing us to the future. Many people may ask “is it possible for us to physically not drive a car but to reach our destination safely?” well Google might and will give answers to these types of questions in the upcoming future.

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