Thursday, 22 December 2016

Nintendo Switch VR headset Shows Up in Patent

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo is known for guarding its secrets when it comes to building new gaming devices. However in recent past the leaks of patents, images and commercial launch documents or slides have become a common place. This trend has finally touched Nintendo when a patent illustration made its way into the website where it showcased that the console handheld screen will come with a slot to insert VR headset. This means that users will be able to use the detachable hand controller for playing at the same time. Nintendo Switch is one of the most awaited gaming console which is expected to launch in March next year. The effort by Nintendo to introduce support for VR comes right after PlayStation released VR console with support for a wide range of titles.

Details on leaked patents

Nintendo filed for the VR and other patents for Switch console in June this year but it was made public just a week ago on the NeoGAF forum. VR capability is a major reveal from the patents but it also offers insight into the handheld portion and possibility of touch screen on Switch console. Patent explicitly states that the touch panel will enable the device to sense the position, pressure and other characteristics of the user’s touch during gaming. It should be understood all the features being listed in the patent documents doesn’t always makes its way into the final product but a large number of it does come into the play literally in March.

Features of Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch can easily connect to a TV when it is mounted on its special dock. When removed from the dock Nintendo Switch acts as a portable gaming device which allows users to play on the go. Switch Controller doesn’t get much improvement from its predecessors. But when users remove the side components from it then it acts as two independent Joy-Con controllers.

Nintendo set to make Switch a major hit

Nintendo is trying to enhance the appeal and popularity for Switch consoles by planning to offer great opportunities to pubic to try their hand on it before its launch. Nintendo has already released a commercial video in October which offered the first look of the device.

This video showcased the shape-shifting ability of the console which offers players the ability to switch from indulging in hardcore gaming at home to portable gaming. The transition from being connected with the TV and becoming a portable handheld gaming device is extremely swift and easy. Thirdly the removable ‘Joy-Con’ controllers bundled with Switch are a great addition which allows users to play both single and multiplayer gaming.

Nintendo is hopeful of making big leaps in the console by launching its much awaited Switch in March. Switch system will pave way for enhanced multiplayer gaming wherein a large number of users can set up face-to-face competition by simply their Switch devices. In short Nintendo Switch is expected a heightened level of playing freedom to the users than ever before.

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