Wednesday 28 December 2016

Virtual Reality will have Same Mind Bending Effects as LSD: Microsoft

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality or commonly referred as VR is just a few years old technology which made its way into the consumer products. But the level of advancement brought by different tech firms has taken it to a whole new level where people are actively adopting with a hope of getting better upgrades in short while. Microsoft has predicted that in near future VR technology will be able to cause drug-like hallucination as it gets more powerful in rendering articulated reality. One of the top researchers at Microsoft stated that VR technology has become capable of warping reality along with catapulting users into a new and enhanced world.

Virtual Reality will be the new LSD

In the 1960 the use of LSD was widely prevalent in the society to embark on the psychedelic adventures. In such LSD infused reality people use to get naked and enjoy some unabashed sex soundtracked and it also led to the creation of the greatest music we have enjoyed so far. Currently virtual reality offering the first level of virtual wherein people are gradually adjusting to the thought of embarking on virtual reality trips by getting alone in the room, wearing the helmet and feeling the new environment without being touched by any other mortal.

Microsoft believed that by 2027 we will be able develop ubiquitous virtual reality system which will bring a much richer multisensorial experiences to the users. Such an advanced virtual reality system will possess the capability to induce hallucination thereby altering the perceived reality for the users. Furthermore this technology will be redefined to incorporate innovative haptic system which will stimulate touching and being touched feeling to bring a complete realistic trip. Therefore continuous trips to this kind of virtual reality will certainly become addictive for the users in the future.

Virtual reality in future will be a ‘need’

A senior researcher at New England research lab named Nicole Immorlica has elaborated that by the year 2027 the automation technology will reach new heights which will redefine our society and economy. In that time our society will be actively generating a huge amount of data from the use of various technologies which will be generated as they live by. In other words our lives will become dull and people will have less work to do on their won as automation will take care of all their needs.

Automation will help in increasing the efficiency along with decreasing the time required for variety which will ultimately lead to a lonely living cycle. That will be the time when people will actively hook themselves up with the virtual reality to get the thrill and excitement of the next level. In that phase virtual reality will become a new addiction for the society and its base has been developed today which will be enhanced with its each iteration loaded with more feature thereby diminishing the thin line between the reality and virtual reality.

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