Wednesday 21 December 2016

Lucid Air a Private Jet on Wheels

Lucid Air
Lucid Motors showcases its latest offering in a remote warehouse which takes away the breath of all at once. It brings a new force in the luxury car segment of high-tech automobiles which is bound to turn heads and give a stiff competition to the market leaders. Lucid Motors has aptly named their latest invention as the Lucid Air which an all-electric vehicle with a price tag of $160,000. Lucid Motors has stated that their new technology loaded sedan is aimed towards becoming a private jet on four wheels which it is when you look at it.

Lucid Motors has launched and began the deposits for the Lucid Air at just $2,500 for the standard edition which will be priced at something around $100,000. While $160,000 model will have a deposit of $ 25,000 and it will feature independent dual rear seats which can be fully reclined right to the back just like airline seating. Lucid Motors also has plans to introduce an edition at just $65,000 in near future.

Lucid Motors takes inspiration from other high end models

Lucid Motors has taken inspiration from three of Mercedes Benz models in order to design and model its Lucid Air. The exteriors can effectively be seen inspired by Mercedes E Class, interior space by S Class and emotion appeal of the vehicle originates from CLS. Quite recently Lucid has announced that it will build its own vehicles from a $700 million facility in Casa Grande in Ariz. Lucid Motors has just 300 employees who work from its office based in Menlo Park. It has future plans of rolling out its vehicles from its own dedicated stores which might sound like Tesla stores.

Lucid Air performance is awesome

During the test runs of the Air prototypes it has been able to achieve the 60 mile per hour speed in 2.5 seconds. This speed is same as it is seen on $1.4 million Ferrari LaFerrari hypercar. Among the features which defines Lucid Air as high-end car includes twin electric motors front and rear which results in 1,000 horsepower. It has a number of Lidar, radar and camera for autonomous driving and it has a range of 300 miles which can be boosted up to 400.

Lucid Motors aiming too big in too short time

We have seen a number of super car manufacturer shutting shops within a short time in recent past. Lucid Motors has plans of bumping up its manufacturing capabilities along with opening stores which will become function from 2017. Fisker Karma started doing the same thing but lost its steam within a year due to lower demand, costs and stiff competition from market leaders. Currently it has the initial production target of 10,000 vehicles and it will be boosted by 60,000 in upcoming years. Lucid Motors prides on its super technology and integration of it in super cars but the major issue would be to get break-even sales in order to move into expansion phase.

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