Thursday 15 December 2016

5 Gifts Tech Fans Will Love This Holiday Season

Since it seems the whole world's gone high-tech, it's no surprise that Christmas lists are full of the latest gadgets designed to make life easier and more efficient. From tech jewelry to the latest smart technology, there are scores of gifts that get the adults just as excited as the kids because, in addition to making life run a bit more smoothly, tech toys and gadgets are entertaining regardless of age. Consider all the good girls and boys on your list this year, and if you're at a loss for what to buy, consider going high-tech this holiday season.

Lose the Forgetfulness With a Bluetooth Tracking Tag

Bluetooth technology is extraordinarily helpful, especially for folks who either get lost easily or lose their possessions in the blink of an eye. With a Bluetooth-enabled tracking tag, nothing will ever get lost again. You can attach the tag to your keys, the TV remote, your luggage, your phone, a purse, or a person. There are dozens of brands available that are compatible with every type of phone and operating system. Using the app associated with the tag is arguably one of the best parts, as typically it's like playing Pokémon Go, except you find your own stuff.

Live in the Future With the Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon is serious about allowing people to finally live in a Jetsons-style future. The Echo Dot basically controls the entire house, and it's voice-controlled, which is perhaps even cooler. Imagine telling the lights to go on, and they do it. Picture queuing up your favorite song and having it play through your headset like magic. The Echo Dot can wake you up, remind you to take your biscuits out of the oven, or play the perfect mood music with but a word. Who wouldn't love to live in a home where they never had to flick a light switch again?

Get Smart With the iPhone 6s

There's almost always a new iPhone on the market, but you can give the gift that keeps on giving without a second thought. For example, gifting the iPhone 6s from T-Mobile gives the recipient the opportunity to trade and upgrade whenever they like, as well as the ability to save on accessories and additions, such as extra space, exclusive apps, and compatible gadgets. Mind you, this is the gift you give to someone with whom you don't mind being in a group chat. You're welcome.

Any Type of Wearable Tech

It all seemingly started with the Apple iWatch, but wearable tech is its own niche now. Sleek smart watches still top wish lists, and they're especially popular gifts for guys, but for the most stylish and discerning tech lover, the jewelry choices are endless. Instead of a watch, why not present someone with a sleek unisex bracelet, such as the Misfit Ray? A quick peek at any gadget or tech shop reveals a surprising selection of chic, fashionable jewelry that can count steps, pay for purchases, sync with your phone, receive calls and texts, and surf the web.

Try a 3D Printing Pen

The person who receives this gift will adore you forever. It's ideal for both tech lovers and artists, as well as anyone with an inventive mind and a creative imagination. 3D pens work by putting out a warm thermoplastic material in a stunning range of colors, so whatever you dry basically comes to life. The best part is that, unlike 3D printers, these are easily affordable — you can generally find them for $100 or less. This is one tech treasure that's perfect for kids as well as adults. Anyone who enjoys drawing or creating will love this present.
Tech gifts make it easy to buy something even for the impossible-to-please recipients on your list because there's literally something for everyone, depending on their needs, wants, and hobbies. Keep in mind that there are also accessories and add-ons galore, including Bluetooth-enabled showerheads and app-driven security systems. Have you thought about going the gadget route for your loved ones this year?

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