Wednesday 21 December 2016

Instagram Gets Rid of the Singapore Viral Bug

Singapore tagging
Sometimes social media users explore new ways to get into ‘viral’ spree which doesn’t do justice to the platform. In a similar bid to go viral a number of users started geo-tagging themselves as being present in Singapore when actually they weren’t there. This led to the rise of so called Singapore bug on Instagram which didn’t go well with this social media platform and they decided to take action.

Singapore tagging helped users in getting more likes and attract more followers. Instagram has stated that the Singapore bug has seriously impacted the engagement of the users on global level and it is undermined the experience of the platform as a whole. Instagram has fixed this issue by carefully launching patches over the day. Instagram algorithm is designed to showcase content as per user preference and when user indulge in this kind of activity then their experience is hampered in an unwanted fashion which doesn’t do any justice to the user.

The boost for ‘Singapore Tagging’

The Singapore tagging trend didn’t emerge just like that rather it was a calculated effort of a number of users from across the globe. This began when a wide number of prominent ‘influencers’ starting tagging themselves in the photos with location set as ‘Singapore, Singapore’ despite that they were never there. A number of users make use of trending hashtags and tagging in order to fetch more audience for their content which helps in gaining likes and followers as a whole. Tech Mic has published a report a week before wherein it stated that Singapore tagging was infectiously caught up by the prominent internet stars which includes Christian Collins and King Bach. Without looking any further they started geo-tagging their posts in order to gain wider audience and reach for their content.

The dynamics of Singapore Boost

The steps were too simple and easy to follow for the Instagram users to create the Singapore boost.

  •  Create a post on Instagram and make sure you set location as ‘Singapore, Singapore’. 
  •  Publish the post and it will go on attracting likes and comments from random users from across the globe. 
  •  Once you have generated enough engagement then remove the incorrect location.
The basic reason why Instagram users started making use of the Singapore boost is that it feels good to get higher number of likes and comments on the post. It any user content is too trendy then it will get featured in the Explore which ultimately helps in finding new followers. Though only question which has baffled most of the social media analysts is that why people started geo tagging themselves to Singapore which is a relatively tiny city-state.

Later on it was adjudged as an infectious fancy of the users which came upon them and passed out just like that. However users should keep in mind that the best way of engaging others users and create huge following on Instagram is to generate interesting content on daily basis.

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