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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Selfie Taking Concept Car for Millennials

Concept Car
Fiat Chrysler’s new Portal concept car unveiled at a recent electronics show 

A breakthrough innovation which has taken the automobile industry further ahead is the Portal concept cars. The car was recently unveiled in the prestigious automobile event called Consumer Electronics Show. The maker of this extraordinary sedan is Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and the car has a list of amazing features, the result of 20 years of constant research. According to automakers, this Portal Car is exactly what the Millennials wanted.

Separate cameras for every passenger 

This Selfie taking car features six different cameras, each attached to the separate six seats of the car. The cameras can take photos of every person sitting in the car. Passengers onboard would be able to take photos with ease, and capture every precious moment while vacationing or enjoying a road trip with their loved ones. This portal concept car by Fiat has plug in ports for electronic devices like for charging mobile phones, and every passenger gets an individual port. The camera can not only take pictures but it can be easily attached to other devices and everyone can share their new pictures with ease on social media.

Customize and create your own playlist 

Music is an integral part of driving and traveling, so Fiat’s Portal allows everyone in the car to share videos and songs. This is an important feature of the car, and every person present in the car can create a playlist which can be enjoyed while traveling by everyone. Another cool Portal feature is ‘zoned audio’, which allows every passenger onboard to enjoy listening to separate songs and music without using headphones. The same technology helps the car driver to listen to certain amplified sounds, like siren of an ambulance.
The van’s ceiling has a shared display screen which allows the passengers to create a combined playlist by mixing separate tracks from occupant’s devices.

Customizable interiors 

The interior of this top notch concept car is fully customizable. The car seats can be easily moved back and forth, and if they require extra space they can simply remove some of the car seats. It also features LED accent lightning, and the passengers can simply change the color of the interiors whenever they want to. Another high tech feature of this revolutionary automobile is the facial recognition software on the outside of the coupe which will help recognize people from a distance approaching the car. The entire entertainment feature and the interiors of the vehicle can be customized using the high tech system.

The self driving mode is limited in the Portal, and the driver can again gain control of the vehicle ones he is ready. When the steering wheel is not in use, it simply folds into the dashboard. Although, the event was a massive success CES, is not yet sure if Fiat Chrysler can actually create what they have said. The company has not made any announcement or revealed any plans to actually fabricate a high tech vehicle like Portal. It can only be hoped that the company soon creates a high tech automobile as this Portal concept car.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Honda's 'Wander' concepts preview the future of urban mobility

Honda comes up with ‘wander’ concepts for its upcoming personal micro vehicles range


Honda has embraced the ‘wander’ concepts for its new range of mobile vehicles which will offer free movement to the consumers. The ‘wander’ concept aims at bringing minimal number of controls along with the presence of augmented reality system which will be broadcasted on the dashboard and windscreen to offer more freedom to the consumers. This design is revolutionary in itself as it will allow an opportunity to the consumers to maneuver their vehicles vehicle among the pedestrians.

Honda is bringing a ‘wander walker’ at the Tokyo motor show which happens to be a cutting edge scooter possessing leather wrapped handles, small display and a wooden trim all around and a Wander Stand which is futuristic car with joystick at the dashboard instead of steering wheel.

These micro concept vehicles offer excellent maneuverability and at the part of Honda it wouldn’t require the extreme kind of modification which normal car series does.

Wander concept vehicle to provide more flexibility in terms of design and movement

The wander concept first car is named as Wander Stand which will easily allow two people to sit in it. It just possesses two set of wheels, swing door at both the sides and design happens to offer an ultra compact look. Honda had cleverly placed a joystick in the car instead of steering for more effective driving and maneuvering ability. Dashboard is touch enables and offers to display a wide number of information which aids in driving and it can easily sync with the Smartphone.

This car windshield has been equipped with the layer of augmented reality which not just offers information about the location but also renders 3D images of it. Console offers a great way to view the speed, distance and other information which will aid in the commuting from one place to another.

This particular scooter is designed to provide a great way to commute through the crowded streets and therefore it is equipped with a Virtual Reality screen which offers quick warning to evade any kind of danger.

Much better alternative than bikes

A bike is designed with two wheels and requires a balance creation by the rider to keep it afloat and to enjoy the ride at remarkable pace. But Honda concept scooter named as Wander Walker will possess four wheels of which the front pair will have the ability to turn at extreme angles. People will easily be able to perform a perfect 90 degrees maneuvering which will making it easier to park it in extremely tiny space available at various places. Furthermore Honda has even provided the option of turning this scooter sideways with the presence of Seat Turn buttons at the console.

This scooter offers augmented reality system which brings detailed navigation information to the driver in 3D format on the dashboard. The console present in the scooter can easily be synced with the Smartphone. Honda has used a honeycomb structure in the wheel along with a thin outer-layer of rubber which makes this vehicle very suitable for pathways.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Toyota Unveils the FCV Plus, a Multifunctional Hydrogen Electricity Concept Car


Toyota is all set to boost its environment friendly range of vehicles by bringing in dedicated hydrogen electricity based concept car. Toyota is utilizing the concept of ‘FCV plus’ wherein it will be using compressed hydrogen for its upcoming concept car. This ‘FCV Plus’ concept will allow it to use highly efficient and energy rich compressed hydrogen which can easily be generated from a much wider range if raw materials. It is extremely easier to store the compressed hydrogen within the car which will in turn provide the electricity for running the environmentally sustainable technological vehicle.

Understand the hydrogen car first

Hydrogen cars are nothing different from the electric car and the only difference between the two is the use of battery. Electric cars usually runs on the conventional lithium ion or nickel metal hydride while hydrogen car explicitly stores their electricity in the form o hydrogen which later gets converted in into electricity and utilized in the motors for running the car. Hydrogen cars offers a great way to use a completely environment friendly fuel i.e. hydrogen which offers no harmful exhaust emissions.

Consumers will easily be able to refuel their car with the hydrogen just like filling their present cars with the petrol or diesel. Furthermore hydrogen car doesn’t require users to charge their batteries and they can drive for as long as their hydrogen may last.


The futuristic Toyota concept car

Toyota concept car possess an ultra slim futuristic design which can easily four passengers with great comfort. The FCV Plus will possess a hydrogen tank which will help in generating the electricity from the hydrogen for driving the motors. It also possess the ability to harness the electricity directly from the hydrogen placed outside the car and it can help in providing a stable for the electric even at home and at other places. Toyota new concept car fuel cell stack can easily be used by the users as a electricity generating device which has been never heard of before. IN simple words this fuel stack not just help in running the car but it can provide electricity to the users for different purposes.


Features of the hydrogen powered car

Toyota had gone with an extremely compact design but it has sacrificed on the consumers comfort at all. The fuel stack has been carefully mounted between the front wheels while the hydrogen tank has been placed right behind the rear seat. This has made it easier to offers more space within the car even the ultra compact design.

Toyota has used an independent in wheel motors in the entire four wheel which helps in providing better control of the vehicle. This car creates an optimal weight balance by carefully placing the fuel stack and motors at different places and it also helps in offering a wide field of vision to the user. Lightweight shells are used throughout the exterior design to lend a futuristic look. Driver gets straightforward controls which is extremely easier to use and handle without much inconvenience at all.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Self-Driving Concept Cars Impress at CES

During the International CES 2015 in Las Vegas, CEO Mark fields announced that Ford Motor is constantly focusing on the concept of bringing out the autonomous automobiles to the masses. According to the CEO, even though Ford might not be the first company who is producing a self-driving car, but still it can certainly be the first company who is delivering a car which falls totally out of the concept of luxury cars. He also suggested that fully autonomous cars might hit the streets (if not the highways, by end of 2020 but one thing to notice is that it might not be from Ford as expected.

According to Michael Rogers of the Practical Futurist, Fields is not suggesting that the autonomous cars will be completely adopted by people by 2020 but he meant to say that it will be commercially available at certain price. At the CES show this week, automobile converged with computerized technology has been generating a lot of attention. According to Tania Yuki, CEO of Shareable, self driving car has been able to generate the most required buzz like never before. The biggest potential of this technology lies with the ride-sharing. The biggest question remains if the technology will be able to change the means of transportation in future.

Driverless concept: 

While Ford was able to put forth their concept of driver less cars, luxury automakers like Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz actually was the front runner at CES. The demo of F015 Luxury in Motion concept car by Mercedes-Benz took everyone by surprise. This car is fully autonomous and powered by a fuel cell and battery that produces no carbon emissions. The front seat in the car can swivel 180 degrees and make all the four passengers can easily face each another. This car is only about concept and most likely won’t be on the public roads, at least till 2030.

Still a long road ahead

The jack in Audi was able to pilot their car nearly 550 miles to Las Vegas and used an amalgamation of a laser scanner dubbed "LIDAR," five radar systems, and numerous 3D cameras. When the car gets into a heavy traffic area it directs the driver to take over the manual control. This feature is being promoted as comfort feature as it will be able to reduce the stress to the driver in many situations.

As far as the future of this technology is concerned, it is not guaranteed whether it will help the people with their driving; it will certainly help in making the roads safe all around. BMW came forward with the demonstration of their i3 electric car, which features its Active-Assist technology. This system will give a 360 degree around the car and serve as the foundation of the automated valet system BMW.

Safety is the main concern for every company in the automobile. This concept is all about providing assistance in safety of the driver and it will ensure that more automobiles are on the road.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Maininki The Concept Car

The Finnish designer Antti Eskel was inspired by the graceful movement of waves to design a futuristic car design and baptized Maininki.