Friday 10 June 2011

Maininki The Concept Car

The Finnish designer Antti Eskel was inspired by the graceful movement of waves to design a futuristic car design and baptized Maininki.

Maininki is actually a Finnish word meaning "wave.” The car in question is flanked by an avant-garde look with flowing contours. Compact Maininki has four seats and a body that suggests the interior. Indeed, part of the body is made of smoked glass extending from the front to the roof. The wheels also have a special design. According to the designer, the length of the frame is modified. Mainkini concept is also environmentally friendly. Although the designer does not focus its communication on this point, he considered using electric motors located at the wheels.

This compact car concept was designed for the contest Michelin Design Challenge 2011 and was presented at NAIAS Auto Show 2011.

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