Sunday 26 June 2011

PrintBrush 4x6, a camera with built-in printer

Designers engage in the design of the successors of the Polaroid camera, giving rise to such concepts as PrintBrush 4x6. PrintBrush 4x6 is a device that combines a digital camera and a portable printer. The camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels. The printer loads it can draw on almost any surface. After taking the photo, the user can take the paper or print any material and move the unit top. Unlike traditional printers, PrintBrush does not roll the paper, so it takes care of the user. For printing goes smoothly, the device has optical sensors and laser sensors that detect the portion already printed. PrintBrush 4x6 is capable of producing images at 600 dpi 10x15 cm, that is to say 4x6 inches, hence the name.

It is the creation of Alex Breton PrintDreams. Although the concept seems unlikely, the Swedish engineer provided for 2012 at a price that revolve around 100 euros. It only asks to be believed.

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