Tuesday 7 June 2011

Sony unveils its PS Vita

The Sony press conference held recently in Los Angeles as part of E3 was the opportunity to discover more about the PlayStation Vita, a new portable console for the Japanese, who had presented under the code name NGP.

This looks very strong console PSP is going to have the onerous task of replacing it on the notebook market, and stand up to its competitor, Nintendo 3DS. It will be equipped with two quad-core processors, respectively for the main calculations and graphics. A second stick made its appearance under the control buttons, and two cameras in front and behind the camera, are integrated, and an OLED touch screen 5 inch.

The novelty of the conference is that the console will be released in two versions, at two different prices. The WiFi version and will cost $ 249, while a 3G version is announced for 299 dollars. To European prices, which are already known, the Eurodollar has struck again: respectively 249 and 299 Euros for both versions.

If the price is similar to that required for a Nintendo 3DS, the first expert to have examined the above are already quite high. For an analyst firm Hudson Square, "is a fair price for the" hardcore gamers "who spend a lot of time to play, but it's too expensive for the mass market."

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