Tuesday 28 June 2011

Supersonic, a concept car that bears its name

Marko Lukovic Serbian expressed his vision of the automobile of the future by introducing the concept Supersonic. The name is quite revealing in this car out of the ordinary. The vehicle design is innovative. It looks more like a flying supersonic at a car. It's all about aerodynamics. Rather compact, Supersonic displays an aggressive look and sophisticated. It has two seats only, the two are installed in tandem. A dark glass covers the roof of the vehicle and also serves as a windshield. Supersonic has three wheels, one front and two rear. 
If the rear wheels are decorated with quite stylish wheels, the front wheel is hidden under the chassis. Blue LED headlights at the front give the vehicle more than tinsel. Supersonic is driven by an electric motor installed at the rear of the vehicle. This engine is powered by three lithium ion batteries ultra high performance. The designer thinks the concept is feasible in 10 years. For now, Supersonic in its place in science fiction movies.

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