Thursday 2 June 2011

Deezer, the unlimited Music

The new version of Deezer has launched, especially Deezer has announced a restriction of free listening to five hours per month. A decision in line with that has taken recently by Spotify.

She was known for several weeks in beta. The new version of Deezer is now final. With a fully developed interface in HTML5, the website announced that he will propose a rate of use "five times faster."

But beneath the trappings aesthetic, especially the new formula is listening for free that creates the event. A user does not have a paid account can now listen more than five hours of music per month. According to Deezer, this choice was made "to ensure consistency of access to free music and better compensation for artists, and we agreed with most of the producers to let all the features and all catalogs free access but limited to five hours a month listening free. "

The decision comes after the Spotify last April that limited free listening to ten hours per month. Difficult in these ads do not see a requirement of the major labels. We remember in particular the statements of Pascal Negro, CEO of Universal Music France, which campaigned a few months ago for restrictions: "The model of free poses a problem. I think we should restrict it, I think we might think about limiting the number of times you can play the same song. When we see people who listen to the same song 35 times, you think at some point the guy, he must go buy it. "

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