Sunday 26 June 2011

Smile Cup, the cup that makes smileys

 Certainly, the competition "A life with future computing" held by Fujitsu and DA is an opportunity for visionaries to unveil futuristic concepts unannounced. Among these concepts figure Smile Cup. Smile Cup is a cup designed by the interactive designer Nikita Mokhire. She said discussions between family members, when watching TV and even when in public places, we are often taking a hot drink.
For her, the mug can be used as a tool for communication and interaction. Smile Cup has two screens on its outer wall and a mini touch pad at the cove. The cup can connect to internet and social networks. Equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, it can also connect to your TV and PC.

Thanks to emoticons, it is possible to display in a fun mood on screen and read messages. Games, clock, alarm and other features can be considered. Unfortunately (or fortunately), this cup has very little chance of success.

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