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Tuesday 9 May 2017

Samsung’s new app translates emoji into simple phrases to help people with speech disorders


App Wemogee Phrases into Emojis

The Italy based team of the Korean company, Samsung Italia are of the opinion that emoji could be helpful to people with aphasia communication, a language-processing disorder making it difficult to read write or talk. The neurological disorder tends to affect the language section of the brains of the people wherein they face difficulty in speaking, reading and writing.

It does not seem to affect their reasoning. Hence Samsung has come up with an app known as Wemogee that enables people with aphasia in communicating with the others through emoji. The application Wemogee tends to turn simple phrases into emojis and it is helpful for those who have aphasia with the disability of speaking reading and writing.

Thus the images enable them to communicate, making the possibility of the easy emojis translation into a supportive tool for them. Users could opt from the list of emoji phrases and those receiving the same in the form of message will see a response in text. The app is said to comprise of over 140 phrases which cover the daily activities. User could ask `what would you like to eat, for instance or convey their mood. The emoji in the app are not the default ones of Samsung, they have been easy and much bigger.

Replacing Text Phrases with Emojis

Samsung has stated that in Italy, over 200,000 people tend to have aphasia while the National Aphasia Association has informed that over 2 million Americans seem to be affected. Though the emoji is not preferred for getting rid of the language touch, the application of such a type of situation tend to be the obvious choice.

 Images tend to be much easier in selecting and providing the simple phrase and could relate clear messages. The Wemogee app is said to be a free download though the Google Play Store would be coming shortly to iOS.

Developed by Samsung electronics Italia, a subsidiary of the Italian company together with Francesca Polini, speech therapist, Wemogee is said to be substituting text phrases with emojis mixtures and has the capability of being utilised as a messaging app or in face-to-face interactions. It tends to support Italian and English and had been made available with iOS version scheduled for future release.

Faster & Useful Substitute

Aphasia is said to be the outcome when the brain sections responsible for language conception and speaking tends to get damaged where one of the most known causes is strokes. However aphasia could also be the cause from brain tumours, neurodegenerative diseases or traumatic brain injuries.

Several people suffering from aphasia tend to signal, draw or utilise picture boards in order to communicate and the Wemogee is designed to provide them with a faster and a much more useful substitute. Wemogee developers claim that it is first emoji based chat application which has been created to permit people with aphasia to connect.

The app is said to have two modes namely visual and textual. Aphasia views the emojis which have been prepared for conveying over 140 phrases and have been organized into six categories. Wemogee interprets the emojis combination into text for non-aphasic users and then translates their responses back into emojis.

Sunday 26 June 2011

Smile Cup, the cup that makes smileys

 Certainly, the competition "A life with future computing" held by Fujitsu and DA is an opportunity for visionaries to unveil futuristic concepts unannounced. Among these concepts figure Smile Cup. Smile Cup is a cup designed by the interactive designer Nikita Mokhire. She said discussions between family members, when watching TV and even when in public places, we are often taking a hot drink.