Tuesday 28 June 2011

Google tackles Facebook

Was expected for several months. + Google will be the new attempt by the Mountain View company to catch up in the social Web. An assemblage of bricks accessible community currently invitation only.
"You got an invitation? "This is certainly the phrase that we will read the most tweets and Facebook status of geeks in the coming weeks. By the way Buzz, whose idea was ultimately not as successful as expected, Google has + just on the rarity of its access to mention him. This service takes the form of a website and mobile application offering social features "that trade on the Web are larger than life," says the site of presentation.
In the manner of Facebook Groups, Circles proposes to partition its different groups of friends so apparently more ergonomic. It is sufficient to slide the card of one of his contacts on a circle so that there is automatically added. Snaps is the recommendation of the brick social network. Essential feature of Facebook competing more and more important to the simple search, recommendation of links has become the lifeblood of social functions, weighing more sites in the hearings. 

Facebook icloud in sight 

The system of Circles Bubbles will, however, beyond the Facebook chat, since this is a video chat system available up to ten people. Click complements these features by transforming a discussion of SMS to multiple recipients in a conversation cluster. On this point, the possibilities are very close to the new messaging system Facebook introduced a few months ago. 

Finally, Instant Upload, joined in some way one of the uses proposed by Apple via iOS icloud 5 and will be available in the fall. This feature allows you to upload to its online account automatically the pictures taken with the smartphone. No public release date has yet been announced. The Android application is already available while for IOS is being developed. Features are detailed video on this page.

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