Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Touch clock Arash Karimi

The revolution is not just multimedia touch devices and communication devices remotely. The proof for this concept is this touchscreen clock. The clock in question can be placed on a bedside table or on the wall. Not having much to do with the wall and table clocks usual, this is a digital clock. It displays a very contemporary design, and even avant-garde. Dark, smooth and polished, it has a modern look and elegant.

Its digital display seems to be inspired by TRON has two circles of light to indicate the time. The outer circle refers to minutes, while the inner circle indicates the time. This clock is tactile. And to set the time, date or alarm, the user simply slides his finger across the screen. This clock was designed by the designer Arash Karimi. For now it remains an idea. Lovers of decorative objects and modern high-tech will have to wait.

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