Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Breakdown, the concept car that runs on wind energy

The wind, so the energy source on which rests the concept car designed by Thierry Dumaine. The student designer has designed a vehicle called the least common Ventile. The silhouette of the car resembles that of classic cars from the turn of the century. Mounted on four wheels without tires, lightweight fan. She accuses only 350 kg on the scale. To power its electric motor, the car has a large turbine underneath the chassis. The front of the vehicle passes the air to the turbine rotates continuously under the action of the wind. The wheels are also equipped with turbines. If the electric motor is located behind a gasoline engine is embedded in the front. We then deal with a hybrid car. Semi-transparent, the car body is manufactured using lightweight materials such as reinforced plastic and aluminum.

Although the concept is attractive and original, it is clear that such a vehicle can not be created soon.

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