Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The iTunes Store, would it have been hacked?

Some customers; would they hacked the iTunes Store? That is, there was converging evidence from several users whose accounts have been removed from purchases they have made.

It is the U.S. site Betanews who put the finger on the problem last week, confirmed yesterday by many of his readers back. Several of them, including Ed Oswald, one of the journalists of the site, have been charged an amount corresponding to purchases made within the application Kingdom Conquest of Sega.

These purchases in-app "are relatively large, for example Ed Oswald reports that his PayPal account has totaled $ 95.30 purchase. After finding several complaints of this kind on the page of the iTunes Store the game, the site has collected the testimonies of several users. The majority seemed to have such a credit on their account from iTunes gift card.

This is not the first time that the system of prepaid iTunes problem, we remember the fake Chinese models sold several years ago proposing a face value of $ 200 sold a tenth of their price. Sega seems to be aware of the problem as evidenced by the message of an administrator on their official forum. Apple has not given his side, but might be aware, since some victims have noticed the removal of their bank details on their iTunes account. A gesture interpreted by some as a means of protecting their accounts.

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