Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Wappy Dog

Wappy Dog is a robot puppy stamped Nintendo planned for children who cannot raise a real dog. Although a robot is not as endearing an animal, Wappy Dog is clever enough to be "as fun and as interactive as a real dog". Wappy Dog is tamed with a Nintendo 3DS.

The puppy is able to recognize 18 voice commands. It is also able to reproduce 350 different barks. For the "master" can understand his pet robot, Dog barking Wappy texts are translated into the game console's eyes and expressions of puppy change depending on his mood. In truth, Wappy Dog, is an accessory comes with an imaginary game on Nintendo 3DS. Travel mode to play with his robot dog, even remotely. The concept Wappy Dog was designed by Andrew Liszewski.

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