Monday 27 June 2011

Carryall: solar handbag

After backpacks, bags and briefcases for camping, it's now the turn of handbags to accelerate the step to the sun. For the ladies, has produced a diffuse solar bag that allows them to enhance their looks while caring for their portable devices in an environmentally responsible manner. The bag is called Carryall. Unlike most other solar bags, Carryall does not conceal its solar panels but made ​​good use for the aesthetic. As many as 100 small solar panels were sewn on the bag. The bag was produced in collaboration with the Swiss company Foster Rohner, specializing in embroidery and Alexandra Institute. These solar panels are efficient enough to charge portable devices such as smartphones or portable cameras.

That's not all, the bag is equipped with fiber optics and every time you open it, inside is lit.   

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