Wednesday 1 June 2011

Hasee Cheap Chinese Tablet

A tablet that of Chinese origin

Hasee Cheap Tab aptly named. The tablet intended for the Chinese market has just made its appearance on the French web and can be purchased for only 100 €. Is very low compared to other models that run between 500 € and almost 1 000 €.

The price reflects the components of entry, such a processor VIA Cyrix 8505 to 533 MHz, 2 GB hard drive and a display of very low resolution of 800 x 400. There is also a SDHC card reader to increase storage capacity, USB and Wi-Fi module g. They can withstand up to 4 hours. NetPayBox available only for the moment, the Cheap Tab plays all video and audio files of time, including the MKV.

Hasee, the manufacturer has the merit of being honest and calling Cheap Tab or "tablet cheap" in French. It will not change the world of chalkboards and will never be a killer iPad. However, at this price point, one can imagine that it could make a stand-up to read his emails or quickly access a web page and especially enjoy multimedia content on a larger screen than its Smartphone. One can for example put in the hands of children while traveling; investment is low enough not to regret a fall or other accident damage.

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