Friday 24 June 2011

A-HSV, the TGV Australia tomorrow

 The firm Hassell has unveiled a concept of urban public transport in Australia. The concept is called A-HSV. Australian A-HSV or High Speed ​​Vehicle is the future TGV Australian designed by local firm Hassell.
A-HSV has a resolutely contemporary look. Its ultra modern design, both outside and inside it an undeniably attractive train. The two-level interior is comfortable and flanked by an original setting. Not just about design, A-HSV stands out for its advertised speed of 400 km / h.
What make the trip Sydney Melbourne in three hours. A boon to this country-continent big enough. Besides the appearance, comfort and speed, ecology is also placed on behalf of the Australian TGV promising. Although it does not use renewable energy sources, A-HSV emits a small amount of carbon dioxide.

Australia is on track to revolutionize the means of transport and appears to follow in the footsteps of China, France and Japan.

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